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WhatsappcallingWhatsApp is the most popular mobile messaging app in the world. Recently, WhatsApp managed the add calling feature to iOS & Android apps. I personally used it. The voice was clear, excellent signal and of course it’s free.

I knew that WhatsApp Calling is blocked in UAE, but I’m not sure if this is correct. However, I wish if the telecommunication companies here in Kuwait could not band this service. Basically I’m thinking the reason of blocking WhatsApp Calling is were the telecom companies revenue will decrease and users will go for free VoIP calling.

Kuwait New Police Cars

April 29th, 2015 | Posted by Khalil in Kuwait Life | News | Others - (0 Comments)

KuwaitPoliceCarsThis is the new look of Kuwait Police Cars. I actually disliked the car brand and the new graphic plus the matching colours. The current colours such as blue and yellow / black and white are much brighter. It seems the new colours are much boring.

KenzoKuwaitKENZO Kuwait released their new Spring/Summer 2015 Collection. Last Thursday, I attend the grand launch of Spring/Summer 2015 Collection at The Avenues Phase II – KENZO Store. The new collection mostly made with summer colours such as light pink, white, yellow and orange.

OishiiSushiOishii Sushi one of my favourite Japanese restaurants in Kuwait launched new spring menu. What’s new from the spring menu is all of the dishes ingredients includes flower.

OishiiSushiSpringMenuThe waiter welcomed us and introduced the new spring dishes. I’ve ordered spring salad, sushi, mix appetisers and rose spring ice-cream as a dessert. From tasting the spring dishes I actually loved the ingredients, way it’s decorated and the concept of adding purple flowers. I do not have any more comments to say, except it was a great time to taste their special menu.

Cavaraty Smart-Phones Cables

April 19th, 2015 | Posted by Khalil in Apple | Gadgets | Others | Reviews | Technology - (0 Comments)

CavaratyCablesWhile ago, I received Cavaraty special edition Apple charge and sync cable 1 meters long. The cables are Authorized by Apple. I’m currently using them and haven’t faced any issues. I liked the cable as it is long to use for charging at home or office. To order online visit cavaraty.com

iOS8.3KuwaitEmojiApple released the new iOS 8.3 software update. The major updates included in iOS 8.3 are:

Improved Performance

  • App launch
  • App responsiveness
  • Messages
  • Wi-Fi
  • Control Center
  • Safari tabs
  • 3rd-party keyboards
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Simplified Chinese keyboard
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • Orientation and rotation fixes
  • Messages
  • Family Sharing
  • CarPlay
  • Enterprise
  • Accessibility
  • Other improvements and bugs
  • Add and modified Keyboard Emoji

Keyboard Emoji was one of the major updates of iOS 8.3. Most of us loved the new emojis. However, also their is an option were you could add emojis to your keyboard. Such as Kuwait Flag is not available in Apple Emoji Keyboard and you can easily add it up as following:

  1. Connect to Safari
  2. Search in Google for Kuwait Flag Emoji
  3. Copy the Emoji Icon
  4. Go to Settings > General > Keyboards
  5. Click To Shortcuts > Press + Icon on the top right
  6. Phrase Field: Paste the Emoji Icon which you copied in the third step.
  7. Shortcut: Type the keyword which you need the flag to appear to your keyboard such as (Kuwait) or (KW)

Basically, this the way were could add any of your favourite emojis to your iPhone device.