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SummerKuwaitWeatherI left from work today afternoon and started my car engine. I got shocked when I saw 50 degrees outside temperature. We are just in the first week of summer. Well I hope this would not continue anymore specially in Ramadan.

OSXYosemiteOSX Yosemite one of latest operating system Apple announced at their annual WWDC 14 KeyNote. Yosemite is powered of elegant design that feels entirely fresh. Got a completely new relationship between your Mac and iOS devices. With OSX Yosemite you can find:

  • New Notification Center
  • Spotlight – New search function
  • Built-in with amazing apps
  • Safari, Mail, Messages and iCloud Drive
  • Mac and iOS – You can connect your iPhone/iPad together with your Mac PC (use phone calls, SMS, hand off and hotspot)

OSX Yosemite will be ready by coming fall.

Kuwaiti Habits Still Exist

June 8th, 2014 | Posted by Khalil in Kuwait Life | Misc. | Others | Personal - (0 Comments)

KuwaitKidsHabitsOne of my childhood habits still exist till this moment. I member back when my mam gives me half KD every Friday during our weekly visit to my grandmother gathering. Me and my cousins wait for the ice-cream man, to pick up our favourite ice-cream. This habit is still exist till this moment. When I saw my family kids wait for the ice-cream and everyone need to go the first.

WirelessMobileMonopodI bought brand new Selfie stick from uBuy last week. This wireless mobile phone monopod is based on the HID communication technology and suit for iPhone phones. To capture your selfie photo. Just switch one the stick, connect it with your phone through Bluetooth and capture photos by pressing the button below the stick. This stick cost now 9KD.

PickYoKuwaitSummer is back again. Pick Yo frozen yogurt is my best summer healthy snack  and addiction. I’m one of Pick Yo pistachio sauce lovers. I love to make my custom frozen yogurt of plain yogurt, pistachio sauce and raspberry. It is different for me to pick up my daily snack and I hope if Pick Yo start to expand more around Kuwait.

Instagram6.0Instagram introduced and launched new creative tools. Users now can have  the ability to adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, warmth and more. By using the new wrench icon, you can filter or adjust your photos. These new creative tools help you to bring out and share the beauty of the moment. Instagram iOS 6.0 version is available in Apple’s App Store and on Google Play

AppleiOS8I downloaded and installed Apple iOS 8 Beta Version from my Apple Developer Account. Before you do these steps you need to get an access to Apple’s Developer Centre.

Steps to install iOS 8:

  1. Back Up Your Device
  2. Log in to the iOS Dev Center
  3. Accept the new agreement
  4. Download the correct ISPW file for your iPhone
  5. Go to Certificates, Identifiers, & Profiles
  6. Add your device to the list
  7. Locate Your Device’s UDID
  8. Register your phone as a developer device
  9. Update or Restore your device
  10. Select the IPSW File and click update

I liked the UI design and interface flow. But since the iOS new I got half of the app crashing down.

KuwaitPetrolPricesKuwait is ranked by the third of 61 countries in the world with the cheapest country of gasoline price $0.81 per gallon. The top 10 cheapest countries are:

  1. Venezuela – $0.04 per gallon
  2. Saudi Arabia - $0.45 per gallon
  3. Kuwait - $0.81 per gallon
  4. Egypt - $1.01 per gallon
  5. Iran - $1.52 per gallon
  6. UAE - $0.04 per gallon
  7. Nigeria - $2.23 per gallon
  8. Malaysia - $2.42 per gallon
  9. Russia - $3.19 per gallon
  10. Mexico - - $3.58 per gallon

Norway retained the title of the country with the most expensive price of gasoline in the world, with a price of 9.79 dollars a gallon, followed by the Netherlands, Italy and Denmark.

RalphLaurenGiantRickyBagFrom Paris and New York. The Giant Ricky Bag By Ralph Lauren is now available at The Avenues Mall – Prestige. Ricky Bag is made  to present the philosophy Ralph Lauren modern luxury style.

ios8Apple announced yesterday iOS 8 at their annual WWDC 14 KeyNote. With simply set out to create the most natural experience for developers and users. iOS 8 got brand new features which inspires every iOS user.

YouTube Preview Image

In brief, some features did improved and also new features added on. What’s new with iOS 8:

  • Photos – Are available everywhere through iCloud
  • Messages – Send text, voice, photo or location messages to your friends
  • Design – New way to respond to notifications and switch to screens
  • Smartest Keyboard – Easy way of typing
  • Family Sharing – You can add your family group and share whatever you need
  • iCloud Drive – You can work on any files anywhere
  • Health – Activity tracker, heart rate monitor, and other health and fitness apps can talk to each other
  • Devices Connection – You can answer calls and messages through your iPhone, iPad and Mac PC
  • Spotlight – Searches any content on your iPhone and gives you suggestions from Wikipedia entries, places nearby, trending news, and more

I can see new features added on which inspired me as an Apple user and developer. With Apple live changes much better and easier. iOS 8 is still under beta and will be launched by this fall.

WWDC14The next Apple WWDC 14 Keynote will start on 2nd of June 2014. With this keynote we expect to know more about Apple iOS8, OS X Mavericks, more of Beats Electronics, Apple TV and Apple iWatch. You can watch the full keynote online by Apple Special Event Website or AppI will post a full coverage of the main hits of Apple WWDC 14 keynote.

SamsungGalaxyS5I’m not a big fan/user of Android OS. Since I’m working on new projects, I bought brand new Samsung Galaxy S5 from Samsung Official Dealer – Wahran Trading Co. AlHamra Tower Branch. The device costed me 207KD with 32GB memory free. I don’t have any issues of using Samsung Phones, but I still dislike using Android OS because I’m not that comfortable with the OS functions. Find my Review: Samsung Galaxy S5.