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ChocolatenessRamadanLast Saturday, someone knocked the door. I opened the door and founded two boxes from Chocolateness.

The first box contains Chocolateness new molten cakes flavours exclusively for Ramadan Lotus Molten Cake, AlMondi Molten Cake and Dates Molten Cake. Of course when you see these delicious molten cakes delivered to you, I tried all three cakes. My favourite is the AlMondi Molten Cake …. Yummy!.

The second box from Chocolateness is a Ramadan gift includes perfume, cards and notepad.

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Delivery is available through Chocolateness Website, Talabat.com or call 2296 0606.

Thank you Chocolateness.

Part 1: Ramadan TVC 2015

June 25th, 2015 | Posted by Khalil in Media & Ads. | Ramadan - (0 Comments)
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As usual, every Ramadan we can find Ramadan TVCommercials shown in every channel. Companies usually invest more to create creative advertisements between Ramadan shows/programs. These are Part 1 of Ramadan TVC 2015. I’m still looking more into these advertisements and will choose my favourite.

Ramadan Month of Forgiveness

June 25th, 2015 | Posted by Khalil in Kuwait Life | Ramadan - (0 Comments)

RamadanKuwaitHoly Ramadan is a forgiveness month were all muslims forgive each others. Ramadan atmosphere in Kuwait is different we usually visit our families, friends, go to mosques, ramadan gabga [gathering] and of course shopping. Therefore we have to say Ramadan Kareem.

IMG_6755I got a some problem with managing my diet and food system. Weeks ago, I tried Lofat diet subscription. Everyday morning, box of breakfast, lunch and dinner with snacks in between are delivered to your home or office. What I liked from Lofat is they offer different kind of meals daily upon your choice.


I liked their food, but their are some kinds of meals I love to be freshly made such as burgers, steaks and chicken. From my experience with Lofat food I rate it under 07/10.

RamadanQ8PathHello readers, it was a while since I recently posted on Q8path blog. I was in London in the last two weeks [check my photos on Instagram @q8path] and successfully I’m back to home now. Today is the third of Holy Ramadan 2015. We would like send our regards and Ramadan Kareem to all of our readers. I will post some great articles and reviews soon. Enjoy your day!.

KuwaitAirwaysAdEveryday I pass through Fifth Ring Road towards Kuwait City. I saw the new summer campaign billboards of Kuwait Airways.

I asked myself couple of questions as a viewer such as:

  1. Is the advertisement clear?
  2. Is it interesting, attractive and creative?
  3. Is it more attractive compared to Kuwait Airways competitors?

What I actually analysis Kuwait Airways Billboards advertisement:

  1. The advertisement image of Munich is taken ready from Google. Check this [Link]
  2. The Logo is not clear, not place probably and it should be placed either in the left or the right.
  3. The font size and text are not adjusted.
  4. The phone number and website should be placed clearly.

At the end, I can say this is the worst airlines advertisement I saw in my life.