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Dubai2020InstagramI created a design with a vector character of myself supporting Dubai Expo 2020. I posted the design on Instagram and our blog Dubai Expo 2020. Last night, one of the our followers mentioned us about a creative lady designer used my character and design. As you see above, the original design is on the left and the copied design on the right.

InstagramCopyrightAfter the copied designer knew about what we have mentioned on Instagram. She started to disagree of stealing or copying the character. However, the signature below the design were cropped and the text is edited. However, I started to laugh because any crazy person in the world can find the difference of the designs. I know there is no any copyright rules were I can request in Kuwait. But morally, at least she could approve that she don’t own the character or even kept the signature of the designer. After this negotiation she closed her account and removed all the comments.

I believe with this quote “I think brain wash service should be active in the world”.

At the end, thank you for all of our Instagram followers for supporting us.

WomenbagsI know this could be a strange subject. But one day, I sat at one of the cafes in Salhiya. I saw a women carrying Louis Vuitton bag with her. She sat the table next to me. Ethically, at least you should order anything from the cafe because you are using their table. However, she sat and pulled out her sandwich, juice, water, potato chips and she added eating KitKat. So at that time I laughed because in reality, women carries their bags filled with unnecessary items.

Lynx SpacecraftTrips to the space will be ready, flying from UAE on April 2014. Travel agencies started to book the customer for a trip to the space for holiday. At a speed of 4,000kmph you travel to an altitude of 103km. Tickets are now priced as $100,000 (Dh367,000). The space shuttle will take off four times per day. There are several travel packages available with possible accommodation at the take-off location and transportation arrangements.

Do you think it worth to pay 30,000KD for a trip to the space?


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Sony announced last February about the upcoming Playstation 4. By tomorrow 15th November 2013, Playstation 4 will be ready for sale. You can purchase your device at Amazon, Best Buy and Ebay stores. The price will be around $399.

KULCHERD DESIGNSKulcherd Design is a group of young, ambitious Kuwaiti t-shirt designers who want to bring Kuwait’s unique local flavor and cultural identity into a larger, more global stage. The intention is to blend everything that is beautiful and interesting about region and culture with everything that is exciting and iconic in the world.

 T-shirts are all original American Apparel with an abundance of sizes. Made sure to find the best, most durable printing resources over several months. Quality is of the highest possible importance as believe it is the only way to gain the trust and loyalty to customers.
More information, find Kulcherd Design on Instagram @kulcherd.

MovemberMovember is a campaign to spread the awareness of men’s health issues such as prostate cancer. The campaign happens annually every November. The mustache logo is the main identity of the awareness. In 2004, Movember foundation charity started in Australia and New Zealand. From that time, the foundation moved to Asia, Europe and Middle East.

LasVegasCocaColaStoreThrough my last visit to Las Vegas. One of the most popular stores in Las Vegas Strip is Coca Cola Store. As you see above, the store designed with Coca Cola branding and identity.

CocaColaStoreAt the ground floor of the store, you can find some accessories, dress for men/female, mugs, kitchen accessories and more. What I love is every item is designed customize with Coca Cola branding. However, through that time I founded some interesting items to buy. So I bought some tshirts and other accessories for my room.

CocaColaIcecreamThe first floor of the store, their is a huge Coca Cola Cafe. The cafe is segmented into two parts. The first part is to tastes some of Coca Cola upcoming drinks and give your feedback. The other part is to buy Coco and some desserts. Coca Cola Ice-cream were one of the desserts that inspired me. I bought diet coke and sprite with vanilla ice-cream. The taste of it really sucks and don’t taste good enough.

NBKInviteSmall box with a message from The National Bank of Kuwait were placed next to my office. I kept asking myself what would be inside the box and message. Therefore, I opened the box and founded old NBK money box with an invitation to attend NBK Museum tour.

NBKMuseumSaturday the 9th of November 2013, NBK officially opened the first kind of museum at NBK Head Office in Sharq. NBK Public Relation team welcomed us to the new kind of museum. When all the guests arrived, we had group tour with a guide presenting the items.

NBKStampIn brief, the museum presents the historical items, antiques, assets and identity of NBK. It start’s from the founders of the bank, then the old cheques, machineries, stamps, documents and more.

NBKTimelineAs what we have notice the museum took more than one year to be built and gathered with all of archives. New technology used inside the museum such as LED screens, projects and more. Huge touch LED screen placed in the main entrance shows full timeline of the bank.

I really liked the museum identity and details made from. There are lots of information, research and historical items were you can find inside. When the tour ended, we moved to the last session by watching the historical documentary of The National Bank of Kuwait. At the end we had a group traditional Kuwaiti dinner with the visitors and NBK staff.

Finally, NBK Museum is open for anyone to visit by contacting NBK Public Relation Department.

Thank you NBK for the effort and wonderful tour. 

MercedesBenzTestDriveDayA week ago, I received VIP Invitation from Mercedes Benz Kuwait inviting us for SUV test drive day event. Wednesday morning, I drove down to Sahara Resort. In the main entrance of the resort, there was registration desk to take your personal details and to choose any of the SUV’s cars. So from all of the SUV’s I chose Mercedes Benz G65.

Around 5 minutes, one of the crew took me to the car and explain the main specifications. Myself and one of the crew drove own the main roads nearby, to test the car power.

From the driving experience. I disliked the interior and the comfortability of the car. I liked the exterior design and shape. But, I thought I’m driving a truck and not Mercedes Benz SUV. At the end, I event were organized professionally to test drive your dream Mercedes Benz SUV car.

FlowerEggThis was the second visit to The Gathering Bistro Restaurant, since I had a pleasure time to taste their Ramadan Menu. However, we received an invitation to taste their new breakfast menu created by Chef Adlah AlSharhan. Tuesday morning, I arrived at 10am to the restaurant. The Co-Founder Mr.Yousef, welcomed us and introduced the new breakfast menu.

Through my conversation with Mr.Yousef, he recommended me to order flower egg dish, greek omelette, scope an egg as a main dishes. For desserts I suggested to have waffle with chocolate and cinnamon.

ChocolateWaffleTheir breakfast dishes tastes amazing. But I had some comments on some of the dishes:

  • The flower egg dish needs more decoration and the plate colour lots hobble.
  • The greek omelette tastes amazing, but the olives and cheese were too much salty.
  • The scope on egg dish tastes good as well, but the disliked the type of cheese used.

As for the desserts, I disliked the cinnamon because the sauce messed up  the cinnamon flavor taste. I ended up with no comments on the chocolate waffle. Q8Path rates The Gathering Bistro Breakfast 09/10.

Discover Las Vegas

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LasVegasLast month I visited Las Vegas for three days. It was my first visit to Vegas. There are lots of activities to do in Vegas such as watching shows, visiting entertainment centre, helicopter tour and more. At night Vegas has a different life, specially when you walk down Las Vegas strip street. I liked the city, but I believe two days is enough to stay and enjoy Vegas.

KuwaitBusinessesTimelineTwo weeks of research and study Kuwait small businesses trend. I gathered all of my research results to present it for upcoming conference. I founded most of the local businesses are in food sector. Whenever the trend a business concept success, the small businesses works with the same concept but different opportunities. In 2013, I founded over than 6 Karak businesses opened and the trend of this business is increasing. So what do you think the upcoming businesses in 2014?