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HappyEidKWEidkom Mubarak!. Q8Path wish you a happy Eid AlAdha. You got nine days to enjoy the Eid break. So invest the time for a short trip, relaxing, shopping or visiting new places. Enjoy!

TravelPlaneHere we go. I will be out of the country for vacation from today for the next two weeks. I planned to have my Eid AlAdha vacation to United States – Arizona. I will stop posting over the next two weeks, but you can follow us on Instagram @q8path and find the latest updates. I wish everyone happy Eid AlAdha.

Enjoy your holiday!!

LotusBiscuitsLotus products are now available in Kuwait. I remember Lotus biscuits years back in London, when my doctor offer me one every time I visit this clinic. However, I saw some promotion made on Lotus biscuits with caramelised spread at Khalidya Co-op. Early morning, I took my cup of tea and lotus biscuits, relaxing down at our home garden. It tastes good.


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FaloodaFalooda is one of the sweet cold beverage that’s popular in Asian and MiddleEast such as Iran, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and others. I’m not sure what’s the ingredients, but there are different flavors such as Lemon, Kiwi, Rose, and Cherry. On my way to Souk AlMubarakiya, I usually visit an old Kuwaiti sweet shop called “Kawakeb” and take a cup of Falooda. If you haven’t tasted it yet, I recommend you to taste it!.

SoukAlMubarakiyaThe weather in Kuwait staring to get bit cooler at night. Therefore, last night I planned to visit again Souk AlMubarakiya. In Souk AlMubarakiya you can do lots of things such as:

  • Shopping
  • Can find historical items of Kuwait
  • Buy Kuwaiti traditional customs
  • Dine-in (Kuwaiti, Iranian, Indian & Mediterranean Restaurants) available
  • Gold Market
  • Fish, Meat and Vegetable Souk/Market
  • Attractions
  • Wholesale market

SoukAl MubarakiyaShoppingI entered the market and picked up some gifts to take with me for my friends in the States. So I started to find interesting gifts and items to take with me from Kuwait. Of course, the prices are cheap and you can find things that are good quality.

If you are visiting Kuwait, you must have a tour in Souk AlMubarakiya located in Kuwait City – Sharq.

KFHEidGiftLast night, we received a luxury gift from Kuwait Finance House. I would like to send a pleasure regards to Kuwait Finance House and PR/Media Dept. for the lovely Eid AlAdha gift.

Thank you KFH and Mr.Yousef AlRuwaieh

ShawarmaMaticI heard about a new Shawarma Restaurant opened recently in Kuwait. Therefore, last night around 10pm I went to visit Shawarma-Matic restaurant located in Salmiya. They offer four types of Shawarma’s such as Chicken, Beef, Turkish and Spicy Beef.

ShawarmaMaticKuwaitI arrived there and saw the waiter taking orders for the customers by each car. I ordered Turkish and chicken Shawarma. It took me around 25 minutes to get my Shawarma and only one customer waiting before me. Well, the order finished while ago and the waiter busy talking on the phone and chatting with friends. Their services is credibly unsuccessful. Regarding their food it is so bad and not tasty. I disliked the food and services.

KTClubI’m traveling soon to the States for a short trip. Of course, you need to get a car to drive around the states and different cities. Some of my friends, told me you can use the Kuwaiti driving licenses. But just in case, I issued an International driving licenses.

To issue an international driving licenses it takes around 5-10 minutes only. Visit any KT Club branches either in Hawali, Shuwaikh or Jahra. I went to the Hawali branch and it was empty.

InternationalLicensesTo issue an International driving licenses:

  • 2 Photos (Passport size)
  • Kuwaiti driving licenses
  • Copy of Civil ID
  • Fill up the application form
  • Prices: 10KD (1 year) 18KD (2 years) 24KD (3 years)

So here we go, I issued my driving licenses in minutes and getting excited for my upcoming vacation. Read more about KT Club International Licenses.

Edges Media Story

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Edges Media started as a small business agency and now moved to national countries. This is a speech from Edges Media to know more about how they began and what they succeeded.

iCloudoriTunesThere are two ways to backup your iPhone/iPad. Either you can use Apple iCloud services or backup by plugging-in your device to your computer and back-up through iTunes app. Both of them can help, but each got an advantage and disadvantage:


  • Sync your photos, apps, contacts and files automatically
  • Quick and works through internet
  • Specific capacity
  • Can manage your files anywhere through icloud.com


  • Sync and backup all your device
  • Must plugin your device to the PC to backup
  • Open capacity
  • Safe to store your files

I suggest to use the iTunes/PC backup. Why? because the backup has open capacity, plus the backup saves the every setting on your device. As well your files, photos and contact is save on your PC.

MicrosoftOfficeiPadMicrosoft is working on releasing Microsoft Office 365 for the iPad and iPhone users. The app will be ready after Microsoft is done from the touch-optimized Windows version. iPad Microsoft Office 365 will expected to be launched by end of this year. I’m waiting for it!

EdibleArrangementsEdible Arrangements is running a campaign right now. You can order any one of the four bouquets only for 12KD. Different bouquets are available for different ceremonies. We received a beauty fruity bouquet from Edible Arrangements. I shared it with my family and it tastes fabulous. I liked the strawberry with chocolate the most. I prefer to order one for upcoming Eid AlAdha.

For more information you can visit Edible Arrangements Website.