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KuwaitClubVSbayernmunichToday 6pm, the football match between Bayern Munich VS Kuwait Club. I got two tickets to watch the match live. So who will be the winner tonight? I guess Kuwait Club.

Mark&SpencerKuwaitSpotted today morning, group of workers placing Marks & Spencer logo on a brand new tower in Salmiya. It looks like the whole mall tower will be owned by Marks & Spencer. Currently, Marks & Spencer owns two branches one located downwards in Salmiya and the other one in Mall360. This branch is located in Salmiya next to Missoni Hotel.

MujiKuwaitSaleI’m one of the MUJI customers. I love to buy their stationaries, fashion items and bath items. Last week, I saw a red 50% discount sign placed on MUJI Store at Grand Avenues. So, I picked the basket and added on some items. I paid 13 KD only for a bag with full of stationaries. The prices are bit fair this time when they move on discount.

MinistryofMunicipalSince the heavy rain started last week. Everyone started to complain about the flying rocks on highways. The highways road bitumen have to be replaced from the scratch. Still the Ministry of Municipal haven’t announced anything yet. So yesterday I saw group of workers cleaning up the rocks. Do you think this could be the best solution?

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GulfRun9 planned to start their year event in the first month of 2014. GulfRun encompasses a friendly motorsport competition open to all track capable cars competing in multiple events. Participation is open to all drivers who are above the age of 18 and carry a valid drivers license with a track capable car. This is a teaser of new activities coming on GulfRun 9.

Date: Thursday, January 23 (8.30am – 7:00pm) & Friday, January 24th (8.30am – 7:00pm)

Location: Bahrain International Circuit

GulfRun9CarShowStarting from yesterday and today only GulfRun organized Carshow at Mall360. I went to explore the GulfRun9 Carshow. However, there are amazing cars participating this year. Don’t miss the Carshow!.

IKOBiscutsYLF Manufacturing Sdn Bhd  founded in 1987, specializing in manufacturing a variety of biscuits under the brand names IKO in Malaysia. IKO produce more than 30 biscuits products made of organic ingredients. SOKO the local supplier, sent us some of IKO biscuits. Seriously they are delicious, light and healthy.

To order some, visit SOKO website or Instagram @iko_kuwait

KuwaitPopulation2013I’m working on a marketing strategy plan. So one of the subjects in each marketing plan is to research the target market audience and population of the country. I looked at the statistics online of Kuwait population.

Kuwait Population of 2013:

  • Kuwaitis – 1.242M (31.3%)
  • Asian – 37.8%
  • Arab – 27.9%
  • African – 76,000
  • European – 14,000
  • American – 21,000

In conclusion, the percentage of Kuwaitis 31.3% and expatriates 68.7%.

Life With Cacao Truffles

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LifeWithCacaoDays ago, I received a creative colorful box from Life With Cacao. The box contains new Life With Cacao Truffles chocolates which they just released such:

Dark Chocolate, Coconut Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Cookie Dough Chocolate, Praline Chocolate, Raspberry Chocolate and Pistachio Chocolate.

LifewithCacaoTheAvenuesAdditionally, they invited us to explore more of their chocolates at Life With Cacao booth The Avenues Phase 2. Today morning, I had a chance to explore and taste more of their chocolates. What I can say, their chocolates are delicious specially the dark, milk and coffee chocolates. They are available from 9th till 11th of January 2014 between 10am – 10pm.

Instagram: @lifewithcacaokw

Location: The Avenues – Grand Avenues Phase 3

London’s New Taxi

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LondonNewTaxiStill this study is under process. As we are used to old London Taxis, it is the time to change them to an advanced taxis. Nissan proposed the Nissan NV200 London Taxi pitched as a cleaner, greener, more spacious and less vomit-specked taxi that retained the traditional black cab’s ability to turn on a sixpence. The London NV200 isn’t exactly a complete rework of the 2012 effort, but it gets a new face, bumpers and an LED top light. Nissan’s MkII London cab is more than a facelift, though. Instead of the 1.5-litre, 50mpg-plus diesel originally mooted, it’s now packed a 1.6-litre petrol capable of 38mpg. Like it or not, it’ll hit London the end of this year, likely followed by an all-electric version.

I liked the design, they look elegant and the same touches of the old London taxis.


Home Remedies

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HomeRemediesWinter is here. Last night, I felt unwell and stayed at home for 6 hours to keep my temperature down. Therefore, sometimes home remedies and medications could help out. Around 12 night my temperature went also high therefore, I visited Dar AlShifa ER. I stayed for 3 hours without medications and solution. So I left the hospital and went to Mubarak Hospital which helped me a lot.

Also keep an emergency box at home for any case of any emergency.

SearchingforpartnerThis topic hesitated me a lot before I post it online. I’m almost getting prepared to move into the next stage of life. In our generation it’s really hard to choose your partner. Truthfully, I’m still searching for a partner since a year. But it’s really hard to meet all the second party needs in the first stage. Some of the needs they requests are house/apartment, driver, maid, traveling twice a year, wedding, buying a brand new car and more. This generation the people hearts changed. I believe it’s a hard challenge in my life and I hope god could help me to achieve this challenge.

BusinessInKuwaitI’m not sure where to start. But this is actually the truth. Since mid of December 2013 till this time, I wake every morning to wondering around each Ministry. My request is just to change the commercial license address. Almost three weeks now, each Ministry I got they need a tons of documents you need to prepare them, plus get an approval from the management. The case here, the Ministry of municipality rejected my request three times because your name is wrong, your papers and land lord file are lost. We are in 2014, why things don’t go through online, computers or portals. I really say it with a sad tears “Kuwait is not the best country to establish your business”. Year after year, we are moving backwards with developing the country.