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DogsinKuwaitLarge number of dogs are thrown out to Kuwait streets without owners. Actually, every time when I visit one of the printer agencies in Shuwaikh Industrial area, I see around five dogs wondering around the area looking for a place and food. The ministry announced before three months ago for a place in AlWafra to host the stray dogs. Did anyone took an action to gather these dogs to keep them safe?

KuwaitFebruaryEventsLooking for somewhere to spend your weekend. There are different fun things to do this month such as:

The weather is really amazing this week, therefore I prefer to choose somewhere you can enjoy with an outdoor seats. I’m planning to visit back AlMubarikya Expo this weekend.

TheBreakfastClubOnce a day, I had a my breakfast at The Breakfast Club located in KIPCO Tower. I arrived their at 11.20pm, the restaurant is completely full and have to add ourselves on the waiting list. So after 30 minutes our name came up and directed to the reserved table. I ordered custom omelette with pancake. Their food is perfectly excellent. But the restaurant capacity is too small. The waiters and services are totally poor. I kept repeating my order and requesting for an extra tea to different waiters. I rate the restaurant 08/10 for their food only.

KuwaitCityNationalDayIn the last two days, I had a quick ride at Kuwait City to capture the decorated towers/buildings. I’m still got some areas I need to visit. However, these are the final photos I came up with in the end. Wait for some photos coming up @q8path Instagram account.

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Tegdar.com is Kuwait’s first fully functioning social collaborative platform that allows people with BIG ideas find a working team tailored to their specific needs. With Tegdar.com, finding a specialized experienced team to help execute your dreams has never been easier. The way Tegdar.com meticulously thought out with both the innovator and the specialized individual in mind to help ease the process of getting your BIG idea off the ground and allowing you easy access to the group of people you need to make your dreams come true.

This simple yet ingenious system allows specialized and talented professionals a place to gather and offer their services for the innovators to harness these talents in order to turn their BIG ideas into a fully functioning business.

Take a closer look at Kuwait’s first Social Collaboration Platform on the web at the P2BKuwaiti exhibition in Mishref starting the 12th of January –  25th of January.

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February is Kuwait national month were we celebrate. Last Saturday Zain Telecommunication Company recorded their LipDub at Grand Avenues Mall. Here is the full LipDub of celebrating Kuwait National Day.

AlMubarakiya Expo

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AlMubarakiya ExpoAlMubarakiya Expo is a non-profit expo under the umbrella of the Kuwait National Celebrations Committee to celebrate the holidays and national events in the State of Kuwait. More than 100 Kuwaiti projects had an opportunity to display and participate in the expo.

The expo covers 4 periods in the month of February 2014:

  • Period 1: 2-4 February 2014
  • Period 2: 5-7 February 2014
  • Period 3: 8-10 February 2014
  • Period 4: 11-13 February 2014

I attended last night the grand opening of the expo and liked the traditional Kuwaiti atmosphere. Don’t miss it!

Location: Kuwait City, Sharq, AlMubarkiya Souk

QoutMarketFebruary2014Every first Saturday of every month Qout Market doors open back for their guests. I visited the 1st and 3rd Qout Farmer’s Market. So, I marked up on my calendar and visited back the market to find more about local businesses. In brief, most the businesses are in food, educational, health and art industries. Their were new interesting things to buy for home such as food, accessories and hand made items. The reason I came back to the event is the place is perfectly organized, loved the atmosphere and the area is segmented in a good positions.

TheGrover ExpoThe Grove Event provides the entrepreneurial environment were businesses can grow up. I got an invitation to visit the event. Last Thursday night I went to AlHamra Tower to cover up the event and explore the participated businesses. It was a good start to host these businesses and to expand their products/services to the public.

HalaFebruary2014Hala February Festival of the year 2014 begins today at The Green Island. Different activities, entertainments and shows will go be presented during Hala February festival.

Festival Date: 31 January – 24 February 2014

Location: The Green Island [map]

Phone: 1822 255

Proud 2 Be Kuwaiti village is back again this year. Today is the first day of P2BK 2014 and Remal Sand Festival (From 30-01-2014 to 25-2-2014) located at Kuwait International Fairgrounds – Mishref.

P2BK2014This actually what happened to me. Today morning at 11am, I went to visit P2BK 2014 to post up what’s new in P2BK village. However, the area is really messy with fixing up the roads at Kuwait International Fairgrounds. I was looking for P2BK village parking area. The parking was closed and a security told me it’s only for VIP’s and authorized people. So their was some spots available nearby. I parked my car and in two minutes the policeman came and gave me a ticket with a permission of withdrawing my car to the police station. Around 50+ cars are withdrawn and placed with a ticket. Even guests from Saudi Arabia was disappointed with the mess. The spots are not even coloured or signed with No Parking.

I just need to ask these questions to the person responsible:

  • Where can guests park their cars?
  • Why the village parking area is closed only for specific people?
  • Where are the volunteers or committee members to assistant the guests at the main entrance?

I’m unsatisfied. Actually I haven’t entered the village till now and will not visit the village next time.

ChocolatenessPistachioMoltenChocolateness the popular chocolate molten cake markers in Kuwait will launch up in February 2014 “pistachio molten cake”. The pistachio molten cake is filled with special balanced sweetness carmel sauce. I can say the taste is delicious, but I prefer if the carmel sauce is replaced with a dark chocolate sauce.