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QoutMarketQout Market is an artisanal farmers market held in AlRaya Mall for one day last week. I attended Qout Market with one of my friends to check out what’s new. However, I arrived around 8pm at night and walked around the booths. Most of the items were out of stock. I founded the market is made as a new concept and theme. But their were some businesses not related to the concept category.


From Gitex 2013: The new services are to be unleashed in Gitex 2013, including Smart Taxi, the first of its type in the region. “This highly innovative smart application…enables clients to book taxis and directly track their path in a real time exercise. The application has a set of unique features and characteristics unprecedented in the Middle East (offering the) possibility of booking a taxi by a single click of a button”.

He added the service is accessible thanks to a user-friendly, super flexible smart phone app that has been created, covering all taxicabs in Dubai, and creates ease-of-use for all. “The Smart Taxi app can automatically pick up the address and identify the location of the passenger; which helps the public using the service to identify the address without needing to write details…in many cases, difficult to write for the elderly and new comers to Dubai.”

Among the smart service packages is the launch of version 3 of RTA apps compatible with smart phones enabling customers to carry out transactions such as the payment of traffic fines and recharging of Nol cards, Geo Tagging for Madinati service, and RTA services directory. This app is bilingual and is offered at the Apple Store or on Google Play.


KarakGholamIn the last two weeks, I’m watching a big marketing exposure on social media for a new Karak Cafe launched in Kuwait called “Karak Gholam”. Karak is an India tea mix with milk. Additionally, they sell Chapati (Kind of Indian bread) with cheese, burger, Nutella, chicken and more. However, there is nothing new with the Karak taste.

Compared with the other Karak Cafes in Kuwait, their prices is high. Plus their staff not trained enough. I got my order changed three times by mixing with other customers. As well, the Chapati should be made fresh on spot and not kept for hours. Overall, I disliked the service and food quality. Q8Path rate it as 04/10.

Location: Kuwait, Dar AlAwadi, Ground Floor

StarbucksViaReadBrewStarbucks VIA is a ready brew which I bought from United States. It’s the perfectly roasted, uniquely made of different flavors such as Mocha, iced coffee, french roasted and more. At that time, I purchased one only to taste the flavor. Well, I’m looking for more now because it taste fabulous and amazing. Specially you smellthe coffee from long distance. Know more about Starbucks VIA.

LotusKuwaitFrom Belgium to Kuwait. Lotus bakeries opened their first branch in Kuwait “Lotus Corner”. Lotus Corner is located in Souq Sharq, offers coffee, desserts and sandwiches using Lotus bakeries products. Lotus bakeries director, Belgium Ambassador and owner of Lotus Corner in Kuwait Mr.Saud AlGhaium opened their first branch. By mid of 2014, Lotus corner will start opening more branches around Kuwait.

The secret of Lotus is the carmelised biscuits and ingredients. I tasted some of lotus milkshakes and desserts. They taste absolutely delicious, specially with the carmelised sauce at the top of each dessert.

Location: Souq Sharq – Sea Side Area

TheDarkRoomKuwaitThe Dark Room created Halloween theme last week. We received an invitation from The Dark Room restaurant inviting us to experience the evil darkness day.

TheDarkRoomHalloweenHowever, I arrived there around 7pm and saw The Dark Room decorated with black evil design. The door was closed and what you have to do is to knock the door and suddenly I got a scary shout front of my face. However, I went through slowly to the main lobby entrance and sat down. At the end, it was a challenge for me to sat down and in a dark room with a halloween theme, to live a scary night day.

DetoxProgramDiet Center held a blogger’s gathering at the C Club in Bedaa, with guests of honor Waleed Ali, player on the Kuwait National Football Team, and Dana Al Tuwairish, popular blogger along with a team of nutrition experts from Diet Center.

Faten Gharzeddine, Head of dietetic department at Diet Center, talked about detox saying “Recently, we heard a lot about all these different kinds of detox programs that claim to cleanse the body and help lose a lot of weight in a short amount of time. Unfortunately most of these programs are based on starvation and denying the body of essential nutrition”.

Diet Center recently launched its new Detox Program. The program lasts for 21 day and is supervised by the team of experts at Diet Center, focusing more on removing toxins from the body rather than weight loss.

OliversanOliversan restaurant is a mix of Asian Cuisine started in June 2013. They serve mix of Chinese and Thai food. From Oliversan management, we received an invitation for a bloggers dinner night, to taste their new dishes.

OliversanChickenMoreover, different dishes were served different the night such as Crispy Dragon Prawn, Mongolian Beef Tenderloin, Black Tiger Shrimp On Wheat Toast, Sweet & Sour Fresh Fruit Chicken, Primeval Seafood Hot & Sour Soup, Oliversan Peking Duck and Mongolian Beef Tenderloin.

I’m not a big fan of Asian food. However, through tasting Oliversan appetizers and main dishes, I liked the taste, quality and cooking ingredients. Usually, the Asian food are cooked in similar ingredients and sauce. Some of the dishes, I disliked the decoration of it. Sweet & Sour Fresh Fruit Chicken and Crispy Dragon Prawn are the two main dishes I liked from Oliversan. Overall, I rate the restaurant 09/10.

Location: Kuwait City, Burj Jassim, Mezzanine Floor.

Phone: + 965 22901051


DKNYKuwaitDKNY reopened their branch at The Avenues Phase II last week. Q8Path attended the grand opening of DKNY branch. Different activities happened, the main activity is the fashion show. Additionally, new collections brought to DKNY store.

DesertBotanicalGardenArizona Desert Botanical Garden is the most popular place for tourist to visit in Arizona State. During my last visit to State of Arizona, I marked out this garden to explore and capture some landscape photos. Briefly, the garden is located at one of the mountain in Phoenix. You can find more than 50,000+ plant displays, 140 acres, different plants, tress and botanicals.

At that day it was really hot and sunny, so I had a quick tour around the garden to capture some interesting landscapes and Arizona nature.

SheikhMajedAlSabahThe Fragrance Kitchen (TFK) opened their doors to launch the new fragrance called “La Clarinette”. Sheikh Majed AlSabah the founder of TFK welcomed all the guests by introducing the new fragrance and the secret of producing it.

TFKHowever, La Clarinette is made of Oud and other ingredients. Well, I suggest to go to tfk store and suggest your feedback. Myself I liked it, specially the OUD made in is not that strong.

Location: AlHamra Tower – First Floor

CavalliCaffèBreakfastLast Wednesday morning, we were invited for a special bloggers breakfast day by Cavalli Caffè. This were the second time I visited Cavalli Caffè, since Roberto Cavalli last visit in Kuwait. The Caffè added on new breakfast menu.

Breakfast Menu:

  • Selezione di cornetti
  • Colazione “Le Uova” (Omelette)
  • Colazione “Salutare” (White Egg Omelette)
  • Piatto di frutta fresca (Fresh fruit platter)
  • Cornetti (Mix of Crossiant and Bricoche)
  • Uova Alla Benedittina (Egg Benedict)
  • Portobello Mushroom Omelette
  • Cavalli Pancakes (Served with honey, chocolate sauce and berry puree)

CavalliCaffèMushroomOmeletteAs included above, these were the dishes served to us. I tasted small bites from each plate. Q8Path Feedback:

  • Food presentation and decoration need to be improved. As the decoration is so poor compared to other luxury cafes.
  • Colazione “Le Uova” (Omelette) and Colazione “Salutare” (White Egg Omelette) don’t taste and cooked good enough.
  • Cavalli Pancakes chocolate sauce, doesn’t tastes good enough. Need to be thick, tasty and add more milk into it.
  • Piatto di frutta fresca (Fresh fruit platter) have to be decorated in good quality presentation.
  • Uova Alla Benedittina (Egg Benedict) have to be provided with different choices not only bacon and spanish.
  • Best dish I liked: Portobello Mushroom Omelette and Cavalli Pancakes

At the end, I prefer Cavalli Caffè have to work more in quality, dish presentation and taste. I rate the breakfast menu 04/10.