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SnapchatGeoFilterWeeks ago, I sat down and wrote down the suburbs/towns required creative Snap Chat filter. I designed fifteen designs which took me two days to designed the filters. Anyway, at that time I submitted my designs online through Snap Chat Geofilters Community website.

Most of the designs were rejected. Suddenly, two days ago SnapChat sent me an email which shows that Daiya Suburb filter is approved and will be activate soon.

DaiyaSnapChatFilterYesterday morning, I passed to Daiya Suburb and took some snaps. I’m so impressed that one of the my designed filters are now activate on Snapchat. The image above shows the snap I took yesterday with the filter designed by Q8Path [me].

Whatsapp Web Active Now For iOS Users

September 4th, 2015 | Posted by Khalil in Gadgets | Technology - (0 Comments)

Whatsapp2.12.6Whatsapp released version 2.12.6 update at the Appstore. Currently, iOS users can update their app and enjoy Whatsapp web services. You can now send and receive Whatsapp message right from your computer browser.

To browse Whatapp Web follow these steps:

  1. iPhone>Whatsapp>Settings>Whatsapp Web.
  2. Then open this link web.whatsapp.com from your computer browser
  3. Scan the QR code
  4. Enjoy Whatapp Web

InstagramSponsoredMost of the people saw this sponsored post by Instagram yesterday. Well, I did saw the post yesterday. Instagram commented “In the next few weeks, you may start seeing ads on Instagram. Ads will have a Sponsored label – you can always tap it to hide an ad that doesn’t interested you and improve the kinds of ads you see“.

From this message, we can congratulate Instagram for pre-launching their advertisements in the MiddleEast. I believe the social media figures prices will decrease. What do you think share your comment with me.

KuwaitiBankNotesThis is an announcement for anyone who still use the 5th issue of Kuwaiti Banknotes. You got till 1st of October 2015, to use or exchange the old banknotes. If you still got the old notes, you can visit the Central Bank of Kuwait to exchange them with the new banknotes.

KIPCOTmkeenAwardAre you an entrepreneur in technology field? Join the startup orientation. Book your seat now at [Tmkeen’s website].

AppleEvent2015Apple sent their invitation officially next event on September the 9th 2015. From this event Apple hopefully will announce through set of devices such as iPhone and iPad. Additionally, the new iOS update system, which will carry the version number 9. Good Luck Apple.