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AlMubader is a new program for local entrepreneurs and innovation owners in Kuwait. The main benefit of the program is to education, lead and build the skills of an entrepreneur.

The program will start up today on TV: Saturday (09/02/2013) at 21:30 Kuwait TV.

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Friday is the day were our family gather together. We decided to reserve a tent at Ministry of Defence Camp that we usually visit year to year and I’ve posted of celebrating the new year at Ministry of Defence in 2011.


Today the weather was amazing to enjoy and go for camping. In the camp there are different types of tents to rent such as Standard Tent, Deluxe Tent or VIP Tent. Each of these tents prices are different but they starts from 20KD to 80KD per day.

It’s the best place to enjoy camping as it’s safe for kids and families, plus there are lots of things you can do there as following:

  • Activities
  • Competitions
  • Cinema/Movie Night
  • Seminars
  • Restaurants/Cafes
  • Shopping
  • Entertainment
  • Play Zones
  • Horse Riding
  • More…

In regard to the services, everything is available security, cleaning, safety, delivery, assistants and etc. It’s really the best camp to enjoy which you cannot worry about anything.

At the end, the camp is located in Subhan next to Aswaq AlQurain. Reservations and entering the camp is only for Ministry of Defence Staff and Families.


Recently we’ve posted about a new Landeni Brand Coming Soon. Smithy’s England is the new Landeni brand opened last week in Soku Phase at The Avenues. Smithy’s is a brand franchised from London to Kuwait, which sells unique men and women fashion such as accessories, t-shirts, trainings and more.


I visited their store before two days ago and bought some t-shirts that I founded it professionally made such as the materials, printings and the shirt quality. They are similar and same standards as Abercrombie & Fitch and Hollister brands. Regarding to their prices, they are not that expensive and in the same range as the other brands.

Find more about them at Instagram.

WiFi SDCard

February 7th, 2013 | Posted by Khalil in Accessories | Entertainment | Others | Reviews | Technology - (2 Comments)


I heard some people talking about the new WiFi SDCard which I haven’t seen yet. Today, I was in Marina Mall and I passed to XCITE AlGhanimn to check out the latest in gadgets and technology. Suddenly, I founded the new WiFI SDCard by SanDisk and it’s available with 4GB & 8GB.

I bought the 4GB WiFi SDCard for 15KD, that I would love to use it for my SLR Canon Camera rather than connect it every time to the device to import the photos. It might be also available at XCITE AlGhanim Online Store if anyone interested to buy one.

AlAjari Calendar Booth @mall360

February 7th, 2013 | Posted by Khalil in Apple | Event | Kuwait Life | Others - (0 Comments)


AlAjari Calendar organized their first introduction booth at Mall 360. Dr.Saleh AlAjari opened (AlAjari Calendar) booth which got some of Dr.Saleh historical profile, biography and certificates.


Additionally, explaining more about the benefits and features of AlAjari Calendar app which available for iPhone and iPad devices.The booth is available from the 5th – 7th February 2013 at Mall 360.


THOUQ opened there new store yesterday (Wednesday) at AlMubarkiya. Yesterday I’ve attended the grand opening of THOUQ Store. THOUQ main products focuses on Fashion Style & Luxury For Men.


They sells creative art works, T-shirts, watches and accessories. I really loved the creativity and talents touches included in their products. We wish them a success journey with their store. To visit THOUQ Store, check the map or visit THOUQ Website.