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I’ve received and checked the news about Wataniya Airways bankcrapcy. They have stopped all of there flights temporary, I’ve checked this message from their board of management, which confirms the news of stopping.

I felt really disappointed, to stop operating in this type of name, brand and sector. Also I really hope they could find another solution to try to recover any problems.

New Sponsor: Wataniya Telecom.

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Wataniya Telecom is our new sponsor in Q8path blog. We would like to greet them with a pleasure welcome to our blog. Therefore, we will try to cover the most latest news, promotions and services of Wataniya.

Always check the latest news by Wataniya website.

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As I’ve posted before 5 days ago Off To Omrah. I’ve really enjoyed my trip to Makaa and Madeena, which gives me a wonderful impression.

So, here we go again for blogging :)

Off To Omrah

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I’ll stop posting for the next 5 days. This is my second time I’ve been to Omrah in my life, which I really enjoyed last time. I will pray for all of you guys and I will be back shortly.

Thank you

Q8Path App Review

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Q8path app is the best strategy which me and our team has made. Well, we got really wonderful feedbacks from different people and users of this app. From the statictistics of the app installers which Edges has sent us. More than 10 users are downloading this app daily, this satifiy and motivate us to keep on blogging.

For more information about the app visit Q8path app.



MILSIM facility opened our first full-time facility in Kuwait at Shaab Park.

MILSIM (which stands for Tactical Military Simulation Games) in a nutshell is a realistic FPS (First Person Shooter) version of X-BOX and PS3 games such as the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Battlefield and Halo series. Except instead of sitting down on your couch, staring into your screen and using a video game controller, we use realistic magazine fed paintball markers and airsoft guns so you experience combat simulation as real as it gets.

All our games are scenario based for example:

VIP Escort, Hostage Rescue, Black-Ops, Bomb Diffuse, Behind enemy lines and many more.

More information milsimkuwait or 65680661

Here the challenge starts. The Australian College of Kuwait Degree Program students are having a protests tomorrow “Wednesday” in the Ministry of Education. Well I hope this could change the performance of the college/university. Before several month ago, I’ve posted about the program regulations and disadvantage of entering this program ACK Business Degree Programme

So we hope this challenge could success.


Rebecca Black – Friday

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Thukhur Kuwait

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AlMothalth blog is joining P2BK 2011 exhibition on 16-19 March 2011 in Mishref Exhibition Zone (hall 8).

More information visit AlMothalth website.

Japan Earthquake

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I feel really sad and unhappy to see these scenes with the earthquake which happened in Japan. Well I was reading the news yesterday, this earthquake and tsunami will pass through Hawai, Japan and China. We will pray for these people and we hope the god safes them.


P2BK 2011

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P2BK 2011 starts by next week. It will start from 16 – 20 March 2011, the venue will be at Mishref Exhibition Zone (Hall 8).

I really liked their advertisements and branding. Good job and we hope to see more of these concepts in future to support small businesses.