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Mubrook for the Kuwait’s and the Kuwaiti Government for winning the 10th Khaleeji 20 Cup.

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Let’s Build Kuwait!

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It’s time for politics as, we are not a political blog. I was reading our friend AlMothalth blog about what happened last night.

I would like to add my comments regarding what is happening in Kuwaiti street. Kuwait is really getting the lowest country in the Gulf. Qatar is planning for the next 12 years and we are still fighting about what is happening before 20 years in the war. Abu Dhabi has build the largest Ferrari World theme park, Dubai has their best railway.

Well what could we say, I think our live will start from the zero when you are starting building Kuwait.聽I need to know when does these daily fights finishes and let’s build our country and life happly. We are born to build the earth NOT to fight!.

McDonalds Big Tasty!

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Latest News: Al-Jowahel is assaulted

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Thank you Khalid

Tomorrow is the final match of Khaleeji 20, which is Kuwait VS Saudi Arabia. I am really not sure when does the match starts if it 6pm or 8pm @ our local time.

You can see the match on Kuwait Channel 3, Dubai Sport or Abu Dhabi Sport.

Good luck Al-Azraq with the match!!.

Funny:Hakuna Matata in Kuwait

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Mubrook for Kuwait National Team

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It was really a wonderful semi-final game. The match was Kuwait VS Iraq and mubrook for all the Kuwaiti citizens.

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Qatar officially is hosting 聽2022 World Cup, which FIFA has announced before couple of hours ago. Mubrook for Qatar, this is the first successful plans which they have made. We and the GCC countries are proud.

Edges: Free Web Consultation

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Khaleeji 20: Kuwait VS Iraq (Semi-Final)

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Tomorrow is the semi-final match of Khaleeji 20.

The match will is scheduled @ 13.00 GMT. You can see the match on these following channels:

  • Abu Dhabi Sports 1
  • Dubai Sports 1
  • Kuwait Sport
  • Yemen TV
  • Bahrain Sport 1
  • Iraqi Sports Channel
  • Saudi Sports
  • AL-Kass and AL-Dawri
  • Oman TV2
  • Sabaa
  • Abu Dhabi Sports HD 7
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More information

We hope there is one in Kuwait :)

Just in our world!

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Just in our world, all the people needs everything hot and quickly. I was waiting in Sharq traffic light for 15 minutes, and this young man was bored from waiting with us. As you see in this captured photo, the easy way to escape from this boredness is to use our world attitude :)