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Edges: Be Different!

February 28th, 2011 | Posted by Khalil in Economy | Edges | Media & Ads. - (0 Comments)

Now Be Different!. Edges managed to create the cheapest promotional package for anyone who’s interested. It covers full php static website, this could be an opportunity for anyone interested to develop a static website for any event, exhibition, conference or program.

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Really wonderful impression and happiness these day. God safe this country Kuwait, Amir of Kuwait and the citizens.

I was really happy when I see this wonderful impression and happiness on the Amir of Kuwait (Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah) face.

World’s Smallest Aquarium

February 27th, 2011 | Posted by Khalil in Entertainment | Others | Reviews | World Life - (0 Comments)
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This is the world smallest aquarium made by the Russian artist Anatoly Konenko’s microminiature aquarium. It is really a wonderful concept. Konenko, who uses a microscope for most of his work, currently also holds the Guinness World Record for making the world’s smallest book.

Student Vibe

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Student Vibe is a group of university students who gathered to start “Student Vibe “the first online radio station in Kuwait. The station will be 75% in English and 25% in Arabic in a try to satisfy everyone. We have new weekly programs and all of them should be broadcasting live through our website. Of course this online radio station is offered by the student to the students and it’s 100% voluntary, starting from designing the website to hosting and preparing of materials

About our goals and mission:

1. We aim to be the student’s voice in Kuwait
2. Serve the student and keep him updated
3. Providing the students with everything they need
4. Entertain students and break the routine
5. offering a chance for talented students to shine




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Wataniya: Extra 50% topup

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50% off upon recharging, enjoy this two day exclusive offer.


Cinescape company has provided free cinema tickets for all disabled people on wheelchairs for all life. I’ve heard their announced yesterday in an interview at AlWatan TV.

This is a wonderful strategy which could satisfy and give the impression to the disabled people.

Thank you Cinescape for providing the opportunity to help and support them.


Best Subway Road

February 24th, 2011 | Posted by Khalil in Funny | Kuwait Life | Misc. | Reviews - (0 Comments)

I was stick in a middle of mild traffic at the Gulf Road next to Marina Mall. The traffic was people celebrating on the streets. Therefore, most of the police traffic and other cars are using the border between the roads. This is the best subway to get in the front of the line.

Edges: Congratulations Kuwait

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Edges would like to congratulate Kuwait Amir and citizens for the 50th year of Kuwait independence and 20 year of liberation.


Thank you Burger King for this cheapest promotion. It is really the time to celebrate with our friends by inviting them to Burger King for not spending too much from the 1000 KD :)

Bayan Dental February Promotions

February 23rd, 2011 | Posted by Khalil in Bayan Dental - (0 Comments)

Wataniya Telecom has compiled the best photo submissions from the GiveKuwait campaign and will be showcasing them at Marina Mall’s bridge from February 21st to February 28th.