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Boloro  is  a  global  mobile  payments  platform,  owned  and  operated  by  Net2Text  Limited, a U.S company  headquartered  in New York. Boloro is brought to Kuwaiti customers by Boloro Kuwait, Net2Text’s exclusive local  partner  in Kuwait,  owned  by local  leaders  and  regional  mobile  payment  experts  who  conducted  the Boloro Kuwait Bus pilot.  Zain, a leading mobile operator, offered Boloro to select prepaid customers.  Two bus companies, Kuwait Public Transport Company (KPTC) and CityGroup, installed Boloro as a payment option on select buses.

With Boloro, passengers pay for bus fare by tapping the Boloro sticker, attached to the back of their phone, on the Boloro  Android  reader  inside  the  bus.   The bus fare  is immediately  deducted  from  the  rider’s  mobile account balance and an SMS receipt is sent to the customer.  Boloro connects directly to mobile operators, and to merchants.   The pilot has been a success on all counts replacing cash, bringing convenience to customers and  drivers,  improving  the  bus  companies’  efficiencies  and  deepening  the  mobile  operator’s  relationship  with its customers.

You can read more about in Boloro Website.


Last night while celebrating valentines. I went to The Village and had a lovely outdoor dinner at Smash Burger. I was invited to taste out Smash Burger new All Nighter Salad and New Vegas Burger. The Vegas Burger is a 100% Certified Angus Beef patty topped with American cheese, fried egg, beef bacon, grilled onions, haystack onions, and Smash sauce on an egg bun.


All Nighter is a new salad from Smash Burger served with mix of fresh greens topped with chopped beef bacon, fried eggs, guacamole, fresh diced tomatoes, haystack onions and cheddar cheese with buttermilk ranch dressing.

I really loved the new All Nighter Salad specially the sauce added that tastes delicious. But I wish the fried eggs is not added with the salad. Furthermore, the Vegas Burger tastes good, but it’s bit chunky and also fried eggs were added in. I recommend the burger to have more sauce options and to keep the bacon or eggs options, as I dislike to have eggs and bacon on my meals.

At the end, go and taste out Smash Burger new dishes. You can have a free All Night Salad by showing the cashier this image.


The famous and best local cookies maker Choowy Goowy is opening soon there new branch at The Village. I knew that QCafe is closed and Choowy Goowy took their place next to ALTRO LEVEL. I have visited Choowy Goowy‘s branch at 52degrees last year and I loved their desserts specially the cookies.


Today morning, I was shopping at our suburb co-op to get some items. I bought some Abraaj Water pack for my office and I knew that Abraaj Water has rebranded their bottles with Kuwait Flag celebrating the national month. Abraaj also done it last year of changing to National Branding.

It is really an excellent innovation and strategy done by Abraaj to celebrate with the social community.


Full control on your Instagram account is now online. You can view your feeds, like photos, write up comments and do more. The features are same as Instagram app but it’s online.

You can login now to Instagram website to manage your account. Follow us @q8path to latest photos.


Blackberry launched out yesterday Blackberry Z10 Device in Kuwait. Yesterday we were invited to Blackberry launched event in Sahra Hotel. The event started with brief introduction of Blackberry new devices by the country director. Then moved on to different companies/developers that launched the first Kuwaiti apps to Blackberry World Store.


Moving on, the night ends with a lovely music party by different celebrates and stars locally. At the end, I had a chance to review the device by Blackberry booths. Blackberry have changed a lots with Z10 device such as the design, features, services and simplicity of development with their platforms.

Its really a good strategy of Blackberry and still I’m in-review with Blackberry Z10 device and will post up soon a full review. The device is available for 199KD in Kuwait. Read more  New Blackberry Q10 & Z10 devices.

Thank you for Blackberry inviting us and it was really an amazing night.