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Kuwait Finder App

February 12th, 2013 | Posted by Khalil in Apple | Kuwait Life | Others | Technology - (0 Comments)


Kuwait Public Authority for Civil Information announced before couple of weeks ago about the app Kuwait Finder. With Kuwait Finder app you can:

  • Search location by entering the PACI No. (Code placed in every location, home and etc.).
  • Search by area, block, street and more.
  • Search by location such as hospital, hotel, mall, shopping and more.
  • Quick Search
  • Find route
  • Search by nearby current location
  • Share the search/location to social media, email and etc.



According to AlWatan Newspaper Copy&Paste Our Photo Without Signature post. On Today’s Newspaper, AlWatan Newspaper clarified about the ownership of the photo that was released on their issue on last Sunday.

Therefore, we would like to thanks AlWatan Newspaper and the author for clarifying back on a special released issued today.


Zain Telecom organized their final event of Zain Great Idea to present out the winners of Zain’s innovation and entrepreneurship program to Spain. The program partners are Brilliant Lab (the main partner for education program in Kuwait) and ie Business School (the world top business school in Spain).

Zain Great Idea program was open for all local entrepreneurs to signup with their current or future businesses for two weeks education program in Spain and present out their business plans to investors.


With huge effort from Zain management and  15 consultants, 35 entrepreneurs will go to Madrid for a training educational trip to present out their business plans. We would like to congratulate all the winners and hard luck for who haven’t won this year. I planned to signup for this program, as my content was not prepared and lack of time.

Wish everyone the best and Thank you Zain.

Review: UBON Restaurant

February 11th, 2013 | Posted by Khalil in Event | Kuwait Life | Others | Restaurant/Food | Reviews - (0 Comments)


Yesterday night (Sunday night) we received an invitation from Ubon Restaurant for a review. Ubon is a Thai Cuisine opened since a year ago. Their menu includes appetizers, soups, salads, main course and desserts. They are more specialized in noodles and Thai dishes.


For dinner, I started with appetizers Shrimp Sweet Tempura (fried shrimps served with spicy suki sauce/sesame soya sauce) and  Satay Sticks (grilled chicken or beef served with Ubon’s peanut sauce). But for the main course, I thought to take Pink Curry Noodles (rice noodles in a spicy pink curry sauce with shrimps). All of their foods are delicious, specially the ingredients added are all fresh and nature. I really recommend to choose the Satay Sticks, specially the sauce added is really amazing. At the end, I ordered a lovely fresh mint & lemon juice.

Overall, I rate Ubon’s Food 08/10, Location 07/10 and Hospitality 09/10. Ubon is located in Salhiya, AlJawhra Tower, Next to Triangle Restaurant. Visit Ubon Instagram or website for more info.


How to place the flag correctly? a post and photo designed in 2011, to guide the people how to place Kuwait flag in the correct way. This case happened to me twice with the same newspaper. Today morning as an ordinary routine, I was checking the news and suddenly founded a press and photo added that Q8Path prepared. It’s really disappointing for me to see our work on news without value to it.

AlWatan Newspaper took the full photo and just copied&Pasted it by cropping out the bottom signatures logo. Well, it’s really rude and I knew lots of the people founded the same case. It’s really fine to me to be released out but at least the signature should be added with gives us a value/credit for the designer and the people who prepared it. View the full page of the press here.


The same case happened to us before a year ago. The same photo was placed on AlWatan Online Website without the signature added.

So till when the these cases are happening locally. I asked one of the legal advisors about copyright cases and he told me back,  if you will claim for it you will never end up with a positive action.


This year Q8Path thought of creating new T-shirts celebrating the national and liberation days of Kuwait. Kuwait T-shirts available now with different custom designs created only for celebrating Kuwait National & Liberation Days.

Visit Q8Path Shirts page to view the designs and if you are interested to purchase one of these T-shirts call: 6607 5113 or email us.