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Last week I’m seeing all the billboards in highway and main roads without any advertisements placed. Today afternoon I passed by the Gulf Road towards Salmiya and saw the billboards placed with red tags by the Ministry of Municipal. The red tag has a text placed (This advertisement violate with the Ministry terms and conditions).

Here is the trick, these billboards were placed more than a year and why they decided this time to banned these advertisements. Companies invested huge amount of money to place the ads with the company provider and it’s removed all by the Ministry. So what’s will be done in the next stage I don’t really know.

I will hashtag this #HELLOKUWAIT !!

BayanDentalCalendar2013Year to year Bayan Dental share with us their year calendar. Before days ago, we’ve received two calendars 2013 from Bayan Dental that contains creative impressed messages, comics and characters each month. It’s really nice to read the month comic to find think out for the tip.

Thanks for Bayan Dental for the creative for the calendar.

Beef Rosti By McDonalds

January 23rd, 2013 | Posted by Khalil in Kuwait Life | Others | Restaurant/Food | Reviews - (0 Comments)

BeefRostiMcDonaldsBeef Rosti is the latest meal by McDonalds Kuwait. I saw their ads in one of the newspapers and thought to taste it out for lunch. Yesterday during my car glass in Shuwaikh Industrial, I visited McDonalds nearby and ordered it for lunch.

The burger Beef Rosti contains Beef Burger, Hash-Brown, Lattes, Cheese and Sauce. I’m one of the lovers of Hash-Brown potato’s which forced to taste out this meal. Overall, it’s a good burger but too heavy (Chunky) for me to have, even more it contains too many ingredients added to it. If you are burger chunky lover that would be your lunch for the day.

EATDinningGuide2013Couple of days back, I saw EAT Guide at of the cafes. The name impressed me and I took it with me back home to read. During skim reading the guide through the first pages it impressed me more and knew that Bazaar Magazine create this guide. By finding out more about this guide and via twitter, this is the 8th edition of Dinning Guide.


The most interesting things I liked from this guide are the simplicity of reading, way of reviewing the restaurant/food, food categories, directory, uniqueness, size of the guide and combined menu at the end. I haven’t got time to read of the reviews, but I went through till half of the guide and it’s really exciting to know more about the restaurants, chiefs, food and the catering entrepreneurs.

From our side, it’s really worth to read this guide before dinning at any of the local restaurants. Additionally, you can take it as a reference for choosing the best restaurant to dine in for weekend. It’s available online and public cafes.


Tuesday afternoon was our invitation gathering with ministers in Kuwait. Kuwaitna organized this gathering with bloggers and media members and the Minister Anis AlSalah (Minister of Commerce), Minister Nayef AlHajraf (Minister of Education) and Minister Sheikh Mohammed AlAbdullah AlSabah (Minister of Municipal).

The gathering started successfully with each guest can ask a question to any of the ministers or provide his/her recommends that can help the country and the ministry for improving any of the issues. Some of the questions were satisfied but some of them were really not what the gathering is organized for.


It took four hours to share our questions and suggestions to the ministers and hear from us. But at the end, their were some points that can concern but most of them pointed as political issues.

Minister Anis AlSalah (Minister of Commerce) shared with us that their will be a new upcoming network for small and big businesses by applying commercial licenses and it will be done within next six months term.

Personally, I loved this idea by sharing to the ministers in a friendly casual gathering at one of the cafes, but I wish it could be improved more in future specially the guests invited and time period as I got some suggestions that ended without asking out. Finally, pleasure thanks to Kuwaitna for this gathering and pleasure for us to meet the ministers.

StoryinStudio“Story In Studio” one of the local small businesses provide services in photography. February is month of celebrations in Kuwait, therefore they provide new services photography and printing on shirts. Different T-shirts colours are available and that costs 10KD per shirt including printing and photography for kids.

More information contact they directly by 5594 5588 or follow them at Instagram @latefamadouh.