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Uplifting Journey begins with Give Hope!

If you are involved in any voluntary work that is helping people then post details about what you do and how you are making a positive difference.

We will choose 10 ambassadors from all the participants and they will each receive 5 tickets to Nick Vujicic’s motivational talk show on 9th February 2011.

It was announced today the our official public holidays in Kuwait. It starts from 25 – 28 February 2011, which these days we are celebrating for our national days.

Enjoy the holiday.

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We have received an email laterly today from one our readers “Shamia” for support her above video which she would like a support for us.


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I really liked the concept, idea and the creativity of commercial advertisement of Volkswagens Black Beetle.

Q8path and our readers are invited the historical classic cars museum event.
Event details:
Location: Marina Mall Crescent
Time: 6.00pm
Date: 2nd Feb. 2011
See you there!!
Thanks Ruba

Kuwait: Free Speech and Assembly Under Attack

Some Protections Promised for Non-Citizens

(Kuwait City, January 31, 2011) – Kuwait carried out a major crackdown on freedom of expression and assembly during 2010, Human Rights Watch said today, in issuing its World Report 2011.

The 649-page report, the organization’s 21st annual review of human rights practices around the globe, summarizes major human rights issues in more than 90 countries worldwide. During 2010, the government tightened restrictions on public gatherings and began using violent methods of enforcement, Human Rights Watch said. Kuwait should allow activists to assemble peacefully and halt both state security cases and criminal defamation prosecutions against peaceful political activists, Human Rights Watch said.

“This year, Kuwait’s government grew more and more comfortable harassing Kuwaitis who dared criticize the government,” said Sarah Leah Whitson, Middle East director at Human Rights Watch. “Watching what’s happening in the streets of Egypt and Tunisia, the Kuwaiti government should think long and hard about depriving people of their basic human rights to free speech and assembly.”

In April, government security agents arrested and summarily deported over 30 Egyptian residents who had gathered in a local café to discuss support for the Egyptian reform advocate Mohammed El Baradei.

In September, the interior ministry issued a decision banning public gatherings without prior approval. The ministry later said this ban included a prohibition on outdoor gatherings, in particular gatherings outside of diwaniyas, or traditional discussion salons held in private homes that occur almost daily in Kuwait. Local civil society activists criticized the decision as an unduly burdensome restriction of their freedom to peacefully assemble.


Hala February 2011

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Electrozan Apple Promotions

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My first destination today morning, I have visited Infoconnect exhibiton which is located in Mishref Exhibition Zone (Hall 5-6-7). During my tour there I really liked the concept, idea, creativity, services and booth of Wataniya Telecom. Their booth/centre is really creative and entertaimentable which has free catering, playstation centre, DJ room, lobby, stores and help centre.

From my evaluation of the exhibition it is the best expo till now which I have liked with the services and organization.

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Infoconnect Exhibition

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Infoconnect exhibition is starting from tomorrow (30/1 – 5/2). There are really amazing promotions, offers from different electronic and telecommunication companies in Kuwait.

Sony PSP2

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Frozen Yogurt Season!!

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What I am seeing in this season, people are changing there business from cup cakes to frozen yogurt. In my own point, lots of them are making loss in the business. I think by end of this year they will switch to cheese cakes which the cheese cake factory will open and it will make his own repetition in Kuwait. In the last 5 months Pinkberry is has it own competitors by small businesses which we are seeing new retailers in the malls.

So if anyone is thinking to switch his business try the competition with the new business cheese cake factory :)