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In couple of days ago, YouTube released a new app and service for the iPhone/iPod users. YouTube Capture is a new feature of the app that let the user to enter the subway for sharing easily such as:

  • Film and share videos
  • Easy, fast recording
  • Touch up videos with color correction, stabilization, trimming, and music tracks
  • Upload to YouTube, Google+, Facebook, and Twitter simultaneously
YouTube Preview Image

I have already downloaded the app, that impressed me with the interface and UI design of the app. It’s really effective way of sharing to your YouTube channels by recording and submitting it via your iPhone device. If you are a Vlogger really recommend you to download the app.


Wataniya Fun Night

December 22nd, 2012 | Posted by Khalil in Entertainment | Event | Kuwait Life | Reviews | Technology | Wataniya - (0 Comments)


Last Wednesday, we had a fun amazing night at Freeze Club 360 Mall. Wataniya organized a fun night with their staff, customers, bloggers, media and more. We’ve enjoyed the contest, playing games and having dinner together.

As well during the night, Wataniya released the new Nokia Lumia 920 and added up a new packages for the device. I had a chance the quick view the device during the event. It’s probably good, but I disliked the shape exterior of overall devices. As it’s not that comfortable in the hand.

Anyway, the night went smoothly wonderful and had a quick break for having fun. You can check more about the event and device at Wataniya Blog.


BurG is the first effective smart-watch in the world. Yesterday BurG released officially their new products in Kuwait with Eureka Electronics. The watch is made by unique smart interface that contains different features. Mr.Burg had a lovely speech yesterday during the launching conference about their vision, success and objectives as a smart-watch industry.

BurG products covers now over 40 countries in the world such as India, UK, China, German and etc. They also won the first place in India as an innovative product. They produced four watch phones which contains different specifications (BurG 9, BurG 11, BurG 12, BurG 13).


At that time, I got my own BurG 12 Watch Phone. Here are the watch features:


Making and receiving phone calls

Internet connection, thru WAP 1.2.1

MP3 / MP4 Player

Frond facing camera, with 3x zoom function

Video recorder

Audio recorder

Voice recorder

Image viewer

File manager


Task list

Alarm clock


Bluetooth capability

SMS and MMS capability

Phone book up to 500 numbers

Call history

Scratch resistance touch pad

Micro SD card slot

Vibrate function

Multiple languages available

The package box comes with USB charge, watch, battery and user guide. Through testing the voice call, it’s really effective to use, but of course not in a daily bases, but I recommended to take one for sports activities, chalet or camping.

Finally, the watch really worth to get one for your personal usage. BurG products prices starts from 50KD and above. They are all available at Eureka stores. Know more at BurG Website.

Sony 4K Now In Kuwait

December 20th, 2012 | Posted by Khalil in Entertainment | Kuwait Life | Reviews | Technology - (2 Comments)


Sony, the leading consumer electronics brand, today unveiled its latest BRAVIA LED television in the industry’s largest 84-inch class. The TV boasts a 4K (3840 x 2160) LED panel, comprising 8.29 megapixels, which is four times the resolution of Full High Definition standard. Additionally, the TV incorporates Sony’s proprietary ‘4K X-Reality PRO’ super-resolution high-picture quality engine.

The new 4K BRAVIA TV incorporates ‘4K X-Reality PRO’; Sony’s proprietary super-resolution high picture quality engine optimized for 4K LED TV. This engine is capable of reproducing any content with different resolutions, such as movies, photographs and games, into stunningly crisp, high-quality images with 4K resolution. Even when seated as close as 1.5 meters from the screen, viewers will not be bothered by the pixels and notice images are breathtakingly realistic and beautifully clear – an all-encapsulating panoramic viewing experience previously unavailable from a TV.

For 3D footage, the ‘4K X-Reality PRO’ super-resolution processing upscales ‘Blu-ray 3D’ Full-HD resolution 3D images to 4K and displays them in high picture quality (3840 x 1080) that exceeds Full High Definition resolution using a polarizing sheet on the television screen. The accompanying 3D glasses are light and feature a comfortable passive design, requiring no batteries.

Sony 4K is now available at Sony Stores in Kuwait.

YouTube Preview Image

Again this year, YouTube\’s annual rewind released featuring the popular clips on the video sharing site from past years. Just follow and click at the small icon arrow to view the full clip.

It\’s really amazing idea, view more at YouTube Rewind 2012.


Last night we were invited from XCITE for one year anniversary of XCITE.COM. The celebration this time in a new amazing theme by cooking sushi for our dinner. The celebration began at 5.30pm at Chef Boutique in Hateen.

Chef Edward started preparing for the session tutorial of our cooking dishes. The first session started cooking Mix Veg. & Prawn Tempura with the Japanese Rice. After we’ve finished cooking the tempura, we moved on to the second session by cooking Maki & Sushi Platter (Rice, Prawn Tempura…). After all we ended at the final session of cooking Banana Tempura Desserts (Banana Fried, Ice Cream and Chocolate Sauce).


At the end the above image shows what I have cooked for dinner Maki and Sushi. I hate eating sushi, but I ate Maki Rice with Fried Prawn Tempura.

Personally would like to thanks XCITE.COM department for the lovely long night spent cooking sushi and eating the cake. Wish you a happy successful years in future.