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Last night, I passed through KIPCO Tower and seen some exciting preparations going on for KIPCO Tower Grand Launch 12.12.12. I parked my car and went through the tower entrance, which is deluxe with the colours and decorations. The tower hosts commercial offices, mall and accommodations.

I just had quick look at the mall which seems great. Currently Upper Crust and Carboui Cafe are opened. Cafe November, Mezzo, Johnny Rockets, cafes, shops and gym are all coming soon at KIPCO Tower Mall. The grand opening of the tower is tomorrow night 12.12.12 at 7pm.

This case happened more than one time with the coops in Kuwait. Before two days ago, I went to the coop to get some nature water, tissues, and juices for the (grandmum 3aza). By passing to the shelfs I saw that all of KDD products are removed, but I haven’t understood the reason.

After paying the items, I asked the cashier for removing KDD products. The reason was all of the coops refused to buy their products are they increased the prices at most of the places.Therefore, the Chief of Coop’s in Kuwait disagreed to sell their products in all of the coops.

Currently, you can find there products at City Center, Sultan Center and LuLu Hypermarket.

KIPCO Tower (Known as United Tower) is launching officially by 12 December 2012 at 7pm. The tower hosts a mall, restaurants, cafes, offices, business centres, hotel, apartments and more.

According to our first visit to the tower last month. The mall covers Cafe November, Breakfast Club, Johney rockets, Mezzo and more.

It’s really amazing project/towers and will have a full review visit to the towers mall.

Life Is So Short

December 8th, 2012 | Posted by Khalil in Others | Personal - (1 Comments)

On Wednesday morning, I heard a bad news which made my week really sad. My grandmother passed away on Wednesday morning after she was suffering from brain blood clot.

I’m still under the sadness mode, and thinking about the life. How the human was born till get married. Money, cars, technology, show-off, and all these things are nothing in our life. Happiness, love, social, helping and health are things that we have to concern about.

If we were burial under the ground, nothing will be taken with us. Thanks god for the health, safety, security and lovely happy. God safes you all and Kuwait.

iPhone 5 has not launched officially yet in Kuwait. According to Apple’s distribution schedule, on the 14th December 2012 is the official launch of iPhone 5 in Kuwait. The launch will be available at all of Apple’s authorized resellers locally.

Zain and VIVA got a pre-launch order for all of iPhone 5 devices. To get any of the devices, it has to be through contract or specific terms plan. The pre-ordering for Zain and VIVA are through their own website.

Rhino Tires Now In Kuwait

December 5th, 2012 | Posted by Khalil in Accessories | Automotive | Others - (0 Comments)
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Rhinotire is the only technology in the world that will protect your tires effectively from going flat while driving your car or motorcycle or any other tire.  Its a patented American invention which have been tested in the best testing labs in the world to ensure its effectiveness and safety.

It’s currently available and Kuwait. To get one of these tires, please contact the authorized seller 9996 6610 or visit their website.