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My first destination today morning, I have visited Infoconnect exhibiton which is located in Mishref Exhibition Zone (Hall 5-6-7). During my tour there I really liked the concept, idea, creativity, services and booth of Wataniya Telecom. Their booth/centre is really creative and entertaimentable which has free catering, playstation centre, DJ room, lobby, stores and help centre.

From my evaluation of the exhibition it is the best expo till now which I have liked with the services and organization.

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Infoconnect Exhibition

January 29th, 2011 | Posted by Khalil in Exhibition | Kuwait Life - (0 Comments)

Infoconnect exhibition is starting from tomorrow (30/1 – 5/2). There are really amazing promotions, offers from different electronic and telecommunication companies in Kuwait.

Sony PSP2

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Frozen Yogurt Season!!

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What I am seeing in this season, people are changing there business from cup cakes to frozen yogurt. In my own point, lots of them are making loss in the business. I think by end of this year they will switch to cheese cakes which the cheese cake factory will open and it will make his own repetition in Kuwait. In the last 5 months Pinkberry is has it own competitors by small businesses which we are seeing new retailers in the malls.

So if anyone is thinking to switch his business try the competition with the new business cheese cake factory :)

Apple iPhone4 TV Ad

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Amir Grants Website

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We have posted before two days ago “Breaking News: How to check your amir grants“. The amir grants website is launched now and everyone can check where his grants will be deposit.


52 Degrees Grand Opening

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It just been announced how any one could check their amir grant bank account details. It will deposit @ 24 February if anyone has provided his details and 28 February for the rest.

Call 133 or visit http://www.menha.gov.kw website for more details.

Zain’s Newest Advertisement

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Custom T-Shirt Design

January 22nd, 2011 | Posted by Khalil in Edges | Kuwait Life | Media & Ads. | Personal - (3 Comments)

Today, I was wondering what to do for celebrating in February. So I have decided to design and publish a customer tshirt design for Edges which me and my team will wear whole of February.

Therefore, we are happy to design and publish any custom t-shirts and this will be done by me personally.

Contact: info@q8path.com to create one for yourself or business.

After my final exams has finished, I have visited Ford Mustang Outdoor Driving Activities in Mishref Kuwait Exhibition Centre parking next to Hall 8. It was really well organized activities event. I have tested a Mustang 2011, which is really an enjoyable activity.

I have taken some photos throughout the event.