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Hala February @ Dar AlGhanim

February 10th, 2011 | Posted by Khalil in Kuwait Life | Media & Ads. - (3 Comments)

We have prepared this flyer with Edges team to educate and show the people “how to place the flag in a correct way?”. During my tour in Kuwait, I have found most of the houses, companies, cars and other venues are placing the flag uncorrected ways. This is misleading the celebration in Kuwait, I hope everyone could recheck any flag, if they have placed it correctly as it shown above.

Today afternoon around 5pm, I’ve attended Nick Vujicic inspiring speech in GUST University in Mishref. As I’ve posted yesterday this was an invitation from Wataniya Telecom. to attend this speech.

First of all, the speech was really organized and I’ve really learnt different tips from Nick and his experience.

Nick is an disabled person which he was born without hands and legs. He is now 28 years old with Degree of Accounting and Finance, we became a fluent speaker internationally. His main principles for building hope in ourselves, to be positive, achieve our goals and try to our goals again and again tell we are successful.

I really enjoyed his speaking, which he is getting a speaker after his experience before 9 years in different schools and audience.

Finally, I would like to thanks Wataniya for providing us an opportunity to attend the speech and I am sorry for not providing any videos which the files size are really large to upload.

NBK Habeebiti Ya Kuwait

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Wonderful, Wonderful … concept and commercial advertisement from National Bank of Kuwait. I liked the idea of when Kuwait is established and till this life generation.

Always come up with wonderful ideas with these cute and lovely kids.

Press Designs Upcoming Events

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Wataniya: Stars@infoconnect

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In the last Infoconnect exhibition, some of the Arabian stars has visited Wataniya booth and centre.

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Before five days ago, we’ve posted “Wataniya Supports: Nick Vujicic’s talk on 9 Feb 2011” which the event is sponsored by Wataniya Telecom. We would like to thanks Wataniya for providing us 2 tickets to attend the speech.

Event information:

  • Location: GUST University – Mishref
  • Time: 5.00 – 8.00pm
  • Date: Wed. 09 Feb 2011.

Edges team has designed a special wallpaper for celebrating Kuwait national days 50/20. Therefore we would like all the readers to download the wallpaper by :

PC – Click here

iPhone – Click here

Edges: Get into right track with Edges

February 6th, 2011 | Posted by Khalil in Edges - (0 Comments)

One of the readers to our blog, we are in discussion today regarding “why we don’t posts about politics and what is happening in the world?”. Q8path blog is a “kuwaiti blog” which we posts our life locally in Kuwait. Secondly, as I’m the author, I don’t have the full knowledge, skills and background in politics for me to post and we keep that the people who are expert in this major such as our blog roller “ALMothalth blog“.