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NBK: Mini Competition on Facebook!

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NBK launched a mini competition on Facebook about “Habibityi ya Kuwait”. All you have to do is to answer a simple question about Kuwait or the song before 9:00 pm and you will get a chance to win KD 100.Questions will be posted in different timings on NBK’s page, please check it frequently.

NBK Facebook Page

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Ms.Shaima has emailed us to support her again with her final vote @ Givekuwait.com


Become a writer with AlMothalth.com

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AlMothalth Website

Q8path admin would like to launch the “Q8Path app blog”. The app is finally managed to by at the itunes appstore which anyone with iPhone, iPod or iPad could download it FREELY.

We hope the success to provide the latest technological services to our users and readers.

Don’t forget to comment to us, we would like to hear your feedback for any modifications in future.

Thanks for Edges team for developing  and  managing the app

Note: Just click on “Available on App Store” icon and it will re-direct you directly to app page to install.

Last Thursday we were invited by NBK to their festival day @ 360 Mall. Therefore, we’ve received a press release from NBK which covers the event:

National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) organized the Festival Day event at 360 Mall on Thursday February 10, 2011, on the occasion of Kuwait’s independence Golden Jubilee, the 20th anniversary of liberation and the 5th anniversary of assuming power by H.H the Amir of the State of Kuwait. The day witnessed several surprises and received an overwhelming response by both NBK customers and excited shoppers.

NBK revealed to the audience a special musical operetta presented as a commemorative gift to H.H the Amir, Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah and to Kuwait people. Titled “Habibityi ya Kuwait”, the operetta consists of a series of musical tableaux that depict the evolutionary history of Kuwait and will be aired and broadcasted via all audio and visual media in Kuwait.

NBK also announced the names of the lucky 125,000 winner of Al-Jawhara draw, and the winners of the second prize of KD 7,500 and the third prize of KD 3,000 followed by 97 winners of KD 400. Apart from the grand draw prizes, a number of fun activities and contests were also held throughout the day.

Marina FM has broadcasted this event live. NBK has always pioneered in introducing innovative and unique value added services. The increasing participation of our clients in these events has been of the important factors, which makes NBK the first choice of clients.

Detailed names of winners will be announced later.

Finally, I would like to thanks Ms.Baider for providing us an opportunity to cover the festival and see the wonderful kids show.

Message to the best Q8path readers,

As Google refers to their fans as “my fellow googlers” well then you are “my fellow q8pathers”, I am so excited to be blogging again to all you readers and followers.

For all of you who were wondering what events and plans are yet to see this month it comes as follows;-

  • There will be so many world leaders and other important figures of other countries coming down to Kuwait on February 25th and a show of fireworks and lights will be held near the Kuwait Towers.
  • On  February 26th, an air and land military show will be held on Sabiya road.
  • On February 27th, there will be a carnival on the Gulf Road with over 80 vehicles specially decorated for participation in the event. Their route will begin in front of Marina Hotel and will end at the Kuwait Towers.  There will be seating areas for the audience along the Gulf Road including areas for people with special needs.
  • A day after that, a military marine show will be held at Marina Mall’s anchorage.
  • A booklet has been published in Arabic, English, and French with the schedule of the national celebrations’ activities that will start on January 12th and end on April 6th.
  • Some ministries and government organizations will hold other programs and activities that will be announced later.

I remember the National Day celebrations from my childhood when we would go out and to the Gulf Road and spray foam at each other whether on cars or ourselves lol . Time goes by so fast and now its the 50th Anniversary of Kuwait. Congratulations Kuwait, here’s to 50 more!


Ms. Badria from the National Bank of Kuwait has emailed and invited us for Habibity Ya Kuwait launch live today @ 360 mall. It will start today from 6:00-8:00 pm live.

If you can’t make it to 360 Mall today but would still like to watch them directly from our blog:

You could also click here to watch them through NBK website, this is really an excellent service from NBK which is the first bank in Kuwait provide this technological service.

Thank you Ms.Badria for sharing with us

Hala February @ Dar AlGhanim

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We have prepared this flyer with Edges team to educate and show the people “how to place the flag in a correct way?”. During my tour in Kuwait, I have found most of the houses, companies, cars and other venues are placing the flag uncorrected ways. This is misleading the celebration in Kuwait, I hope everyone could recheck any flag, if they have placed it correctly as it shown above.

Today afternoon around 5pm, I’ve attended Nick Vujicic inspiring speech in GUST University in Mishref. As I’ve posted yesterday this was an invitation from Wataniya Telecom. to attend this speech.

First of all, the speech was really organized and I’ve really learnt different tips from Nick and his experience.

Nick is an disabled person which he was born without hands and legs. He is now 28 years old with Degree of Accounting and Finance, we became a fluent speaker internationally. His main principles for building hope in ourselves, to be positive, achieve our goals and try to our goals again and again tell we are successful.

I really enjoyed his speaking, which he is getting a speaker after his experience before 9 years in different schools and audience.

Finally, I would like to thanks Wataniya for providing us an opportunity to attend the speech and I am sorry for not providing any videos which the files size are really large to upload.

NBK Habeebiti Ya Kuwait

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Wonderful, Wonderful … concept and commercial advertisement from National Bank of Kuwait. I liked the idea of when Kuwait is established and till this life generation.

Always come up with wonderful ideas with these cute and lovely kids.