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iDeaZone is a new social media platform for smokers only. I haven’t thought one day to have a new community for smokers. But here the community started, when one of our friends shared with us this website.

It’s a social website for smokers only to signup as a member and post up images to his gallery which will be posted to the social. Each country has its own social platform. I had a view to the full platform which looks wonderful specially the creativity of managing your profile and publishing it to the network.

Additionally, its really amazing to know more about the smokers life. So if you are a smoker, check out this new social network specially for you. To sign up, visit this website.

Q8Path Cycle Network

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Q8Path Blog is available everywhere as you see at the Cycle Network. Follow us at InstagramTwitter and Download our application for the iPhone devices at the App Store.

Zain Kuwait: Wiyana Connect 4G LTE

November 27th, 2012 | Posted by Khalil in Reviews | Technology | Zain - (1 Comments)
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By referring to ZAIN 4G LTE post. Wiyana Connect plans are designed to give you a personalized plan which you are free to

use however you want. You can choose from one of our Internet plans below and use it with any device, whether it is an e-GO, a smart phone or a router. With regular and high speeds available, you will find Internet plans suitable for light or heavy usage.

As it shown above is the prices of 4G Packages prices by Zain Kuwait. You can visit any of these branches to trial out the speed:

  • Shuwaikh
  • Al Hamra
  • Airport Arrival + Departure
  • Mishref
  • Qurain
  • Jahra
  • Hawali
  • Avenues Carrefour
  • 360 Mall
  • Salmiyia

DietCenter Diabetes Facts

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DietCenter created the info-graph of diabetes awareness in Kuwait. According to the data and percentage given above, Kuwait is ranked as the 3rd diabetic humans in the world. Most of diabetes diseases are founded by overweighted humans or a continuous diseases by families.

It’s really the best time to think by spreading the awareness to the public, by insuring being safe of being diabetic for the rest of life.

Hala Turkey

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Hala Turkey is an exhibition combined of different Turkey products and traditional customs. The expo is organized by HalaExpo at Mall360 Exhibition Centre from Monday till Wednesday [10am – 10pm].

Today afternoon, I passed to Mall360 and check out what’s the exhibition covers. In brief, the exhibition covers home accessories, Turish accessories, Turish customs, accessories and fashion items. It’s mostly women products and accessories.

But in overall it was good, as I wish the exhibition could be much better if there traditional food, customs, atmosphere, environment, musics. As the venue was really small, no good lighting, quite and covers only accessories.

The famous artist Hamad AlSaab organized his exhibition gallery today at The Avenues. The exhibition made during the first day of launching West Elm store at The Grand Avenues. The exhibition titled as “Fragments of Memories”, which covered most of Hamad’s art works.

Through our tour at the exhibition, it covers inspire creative drawings as one of them shown above. The drawing shows an old guy loading Apple carton boxes, that carried by old trolley during the old days.

The exhibition is running now and you can visit it anytime at The Grand Avenues.