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Hours ago, huge fire started from small place and damaged all of the Souk AlMubarkiya (Souk Al7areem). Over 30 stores were damaged and one injury is founded and three firemen injured.

It’s really a bad news of the first day in year 2013 and hope it will be a successful year.


Before a year ago I’ve posted about No More Starbucks, Forever! which I promised myself not to purchase any products from them. Today morning, I passed to Grand Avenues for a morning breakfast for New Year 2013. I’m a person that addicted to Caribou Coffee, but I founded that Caribou Cafe branch in The Avenues got a long line, and thought to change to Starbucks nearby.


I’ve ordered cookies and a bottle of water after had breakfast from Dean N Deluca. My order was (double chocolate cookies hot, plus cold water). There was around five customers before for receive their orders.

I was standing waiting for my cookies to come for 25 minutes which is ready made. After that time I was unsatisfied so I asked one of their staff to check the order which its not even noticed. Furthermore, I’ve told to make the cookies hot, which I’ve received it cold. So in overall, it took me 28 minutes to get my order.

Starbucks in Kuwait have changed a lot when we usually know when since they started. Products prices have increased, plus the customer services and the potential way of delivering the services.

So from now on, I will be continue of choosing my favorite coffee cafe.

Happy New Year 2013

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Year 2012 has ended and there are lots of the memories, happiness and sadness which everyone have experience. A new year 2013 has start and we hope it could be a successful, happiness and effective year in all of your lives.

Q8Path blog would like to celebrate and greet all of the readers a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013.


Probably most of the people got in this situation for thinking days after days for what car colour to choose during ordering a new car. I had some research philosophy of the way choosing your car colour.

Most of the researches shows the best colour to choose your car is one of the colour you don’t like. Such as if you like blue colour, and your home/bed room colours is blue and your car is blue. This could build quick dislike of the colour which can leed to sell your car quick and disliking to use it any more because you are seeing the colour everyday.

The best situation to be taken is to keep thinking for the advantage. White or black car colour would be the right action to be taken.

Review Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini

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Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini has recently released in Kuwait. Before a while I’ve had chance to get one. I tried to compare it with the original Samsung Galaxy S3 device which looks the same but in a mini size.

It absolutely looks the same features, exterior design, specifications and etc. It’s really help to be used for chalets, fishing, camping and etc.


Through unboxing the device, it comes with the device, battery, charger, USB cable and headset. Currently the device is available with two colours black and white.

I loved using the device which is light to carry around with the same features as the Samsung mobiles. It’s available in most of the electronics stores in Kuwait.

New Year In Applebee’s

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End of the year 2012 is counting down. Just one more day to go and the year will end. If you are planning where to celebrate the new year 2013.. Applebee’s is celebrating this year at both of there branches Gulf Rd and Fintas, with a special DJ and night celebrations at 9pm.

More information, follow Applebee’s at Twitter @applebeeskw.