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Wataniya: Stars@infoconnect

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In the last Infoconnect exhibition, some of the Arabian stars has visited Wataniya booth and centre.

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Before five days ago, we’ve posted “Wataniya Supports: Nick Vujicic’s talk on 9 Feb 2011” which the event is sponsored by Wataniya Telecom. We would like to thanks Wataniya for providing us 2 tickets to attend the speech.

Event information:

  • Location: GUST University – Mishref
  • Time: 5.00 – 8.00pm
  • Date: Wed. 09 Feb 2011.

Edges team has designed a special wallpaper for celebrating Kuwait national days 50/20. Therefore we would like all the readers to download the wallpaper by :

PC – Click here

iPhone – Click here

Edges: Get into right track with Edges

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One of the readers to our blog, we are in discussion today regarding “why we don’t posts about politics and what is happening in the world?”. Q8path blog is a “kuwaiti blog” which we posts our life locally in Kuwait. Secondly, as I’m the author, I don’t have the full knowledge, skills and background in politics for me to post and we keep that the people who are expert in this major such as our blog roller “ALMothalth blog“.

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Medley Kuwaiti

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Uplifting Journey begins with Give Hope!

If you are involved in any voluntary work that is helping people then post details about what you do and how you are making a positive difference.

We will choose 10 ambassadors from all the participants and they will each receive 5 tickets to Nick Vujicic’s motivational talk show on 9th February 2011.

It was announced today the our official public holidays in Kuwait. It starts from 25 – 28 February 2011, which these days we are celebrating for our national days.

Enjoy the holiday.