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HalaFebruary2014Hala February Festival of the year 2014 begins today at The Green Island. Different activities, entertainments and shows will go be presented during Hala February festival.

Festival Date: 31 January – 24 February 2014

Location: The Green Island [map]

Phone: 1822 255

Proud 2 Be Kuwaiti village is back again this year. Today is the first day of P2BK 2014 and Remal Sand Festival (From 30-01-2014 to 25-2-2014) located at Kuwait International Fairgrounds – Mishref.

P2BK2014This actually what happened to me. Today morning at 11am, I went to visit P2BK 2014 to post up what’s new in P2BK village. However, the area is really messy with fixing up the roads at Kuwait International Fairgrounds. I was looking for P2BK village parking area. The parking was closed and a security told me it’s only for VIP’s and authorized people. So their was some spots available nearby. I parked my car and in two minutes the policeman came and gave me a ticket with a permission of withdrawing my car to the police station. Around 50+ cars are withdrawn and placed with a ticket. Even guests from Saudi Arabia was disappointed with the mess. The spots are not even coloured or signed with No Parking.

I just need to ask these questions to the person responsible:

  • Where can guests park their cars?
  • Why the village parking area is closed only for specific people?
  • Where are the volunteers or committee members to assistant the guests at the main entrance?

I’m unsatisfied. Actually I haven’t entered the village till now and will not visit the village next time.

ChocolatenessPistachioMoltenChocolateness the popular chocolate molten cake markers in Kuwait will launch up in February 2014 “pistachio molten cake”. The pistachio molten cake is filled with special balanced sweetness carmel sauce. I can say the taste is delicious, but I prefer if the carmel sauce is replaced with a dark chocolate sauce.

LetsPopcornDietBoxAre you under diet/healthy plan?. Let’s Popcorn offers healthy snack box used for parties, gatherings or a gift box. I received a large box with mini boxes of Let’s Popcorn flavors. Attached with the box, a daily diet schedule labeled with the day and time. These popcorns are rich with vitamins, calcium and minerals.

Visit Let’s Popcorn booth at P2BK 2014 or have a look what’s new at Let’s Popcorn website.

PopaloopSwipe, Tab, Check out and get your order. The first smartest roller coaster restaurant Popaloop is now open for guests to dine in at Divonne Abu AlHasaniya. This technology is bought from German with a roller coaster technology automated system used to order your own food through the available touch pads front of each chair.

Last night was the grand opening of the restaurant. Ambassador of Germany, bloggers, media representatives and guests joint the grand opening by testing the system and food. Each chair got a number with a card. To order swipe the card, tab on app, explore the menu, add on the dishes to the cart, check out and exit the app. Within five to ten minutes your order will automatically roll coast till your table.

Still their menu is not completed and not dded on the system. However, I had for dinner pasta, fries and salad. Their food is normal and not that interesting. As well, the restaurant is so small and not that comfortable for families. Overall, I liked the smart system in the restaurant and wish them a great luck. I rate Popaloop 07/10

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Mysteries of The Unseen World Movie will transport audiences to places on this planet that they have never been before, to see things that are beyond their normal vision, yet literally right in front of their eyes. National Geographic created this movie to educate the communities about mysteries that are not seen in our daily life. Therefore, I attended the launching event of the IMAX movie at Kuwait Scientific Centre. It’s actually amazing, I learn’t some information and loved the animation. I really recommend you to watch it, specially alone without any kids disturbing.

BecarrelsLifestyleBecarre Lifestyle is a philosophy of modern Kuwaiti designs.  Last Monday night, I had a tour to explore the new items and gallery at Becarre Lifestyle store. This was my second visit since a year ago. I founded new luxury, modern and classic items added on. After my tour, I enjoy the lovely night gathering with a Kuwaiti traditional atmosphere.

Location: Salmiya, St.Salem AlMubarak, North Salmiya Building, Second Floor

Instagram: @becarrels

MubarakAlAbdullahCoopI was visiting one friends Diwaniya last Saturday at Mubarak AlAbdullah suburb. On my way, I founded new restaurants and cafes coming up at Mubarak AlAbdullah Co-op such as Caribou Cafe, Nestle Cafe, Elevation Burger and Quiznos Restaurant. I think this area will be busy all day, as GUST and ACK students most probably gather in nearby area.

InfoConnect2014The 32nd InfoConnect exhibition started yesterday from the 26th of January to 2nd of February 2014. Yesterday afternoon, I went to InfoConnect exhibition. The expo is empty and I don’t see anything interesting, just internet providers, VIVA, Hawali mobile stores and institutes. I’m disappointed Zain and Wataniya Telecom haven’t participated this year. Believe me if you own an iPhone or a smart-phone, stay with them and don’t even think to visit InfoConnect.  I rate the 32nd InfoConnect exhibition 03/10.

Childhood BubbleGum

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AngloBubbleGumOne day I was in Salmiya. I passed to a small Bagala (supermarket) to get a water of bottle. So I went to the cashier to pay for the water and founded my childhood bubble gum (Anglo Bubble Gum). I remembered back when my mam takes me to the Co-op every morning before I go to school to get some items for my lunch box. I usually buy Anglo Bubble Gum for myself and friends. Finally it’s back now in the market.

ChooseCarThe market is full of brands and opportunities. However, there are some questions and ways you need to think about before you choose your own car such as:

  1. Write down the best popular cars brands you like.
  2. Write down the purpose of buying your car. Is it for family, single driver, travel or sport.
  3. Search online the types of each car brand that matches your purpose.
  4. Write down the main features and specifications of each car.
  5. Visit local dealers showroom and ask about the car specifications, features, price, dealer services and any promotions.
  6. Test drive the cars.
  7. Choose one car only that you liked from the other cars you tested.
  8. Choose your car colour that matches your age or purpose.

From my experience, always don’t listen to salesmen, friends or family member to choose your own car because every person has his/her own interest to choose any item in the market. So think and think and think before you buy your car.

AppleMac30yearsThirty years ago, Apple introduced the Macintosh with the promise to put the creative power of technology in everyone’s hands. It launched a generation of innovators who continue to change the world. This 30‑year timeline celebrates some of those pioneers and the profound impact they’ve made.

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Explore Apple Mac Timeline [Link]