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Emirates published their recent new video in YouTube, were Cristiano Ronaldo and Pelé as they connect with fans in the Emirates A380 Onboard Lounge. As well promoting, the run-up to the FIFA World Cup hosted this summer in Brazil, where fans will see some of the greatest footballers in action.

VidaHotelDubaiIn my recent visit to Dubai last week. I stayed in Vida Hotels and Resorts - Downtown Dubai. It was my first time to stay in Vida Hotels and Dubai Downtown. I arrived at 10am in the morning. I checked-in and sat two hours waiting for my room to be free and cleaned. Actually, the hotel is nearby Dubai Mall, Burj Khalifa and Dubai Boulevard Village.

VidaHotelRoomsAround 12pm, I got my room ready. The room is so fabulous, clean and luxury. I book for a king standard room, which is good for one or two guests. I disliked the setup of an open plan bathroom, with a separate shower and toilet.

VidaDowntownDubaiThis part of the hotel was the most place attracted me. In the ground floor, there is an open swimming pool and hotel restaurant and cafe.

VidaHotelFoodIn the early morning, I had my breakfast in 3-1 Vida Hotel Restaurant. All types of foods are available in the breakfast buffet. I liked the breakfast buffet setup, design and atmosphere.

The hotel designed for intuitive style, convenience, comfort and sensory stimulation. Finally, I enjoyed my one night stay in Vida Hotels and Resorts – Downtown Dubai. I recommend families or businessmen to choose Vida hotel as for the best comfortable place to stay in. I rate Vida hotel 09/10.

DubaiFestivalofLightsEmaar Dubai organized “Dubai Festival of Lights” for the first time ever. To create a witness Downtown Dubai in a new expression of art and light. All the iconic projects in the ‘most prestigious square kilometre on earth,’ including Burj Khalifa and The Dubai Mall, will have a brilliant new façade of festive lighting, adding to the touristic appeal of Downtown Dubai, already one of the most-visited lifestyle destinations.

The festival started from March 20 and end’s on March 29th, 2014. You can watch the lights activities every evening from 7pm to 12am in Dubai Downtown.

DubaiDowntownI was in Dubai last Wednesday and stayed one day only for some work. However, I stayed all Wednesday morning and afternoon to cover up some meetings. At night, I dropped my bag in the hotel and kept walking down in Dubai Downtown. I haven’t been their since three  years in the Dubai Downtown. During my walk in the downtown, suddenly a showery rain came in the town and I forced myself to enjoy this moment to continue walking down the path.

However, I founded lots of things changed in the town. What can you do a night in Dubai Downtown:

  • Dinner or coffee in one of the restaurant & cafes
  • Rent a bike and enjoy the ride downtown
  • Walk down the town through Burj Khalifa and Dubai Fountain area
  • Take a ride in one of the fountain boats
  • Visit Dubai Mall, Burj Khalifa or The Address Hotel
  • Dubai Boulevard Village

InstagramSecureI knew that their were some Instagram stars accounts hacked. I would like to provide some tips to insure your Instagram account safe and to avoid hack.

  • Make sure you change the passport every 1-2 months
  • Don’t include your email in the account profile
  • Choose a password that includes letters, numbers and symbols such as (Q8@P1a3th)
  • Don’t choose the same password for your other accounts
  • If you received any emails to reset your password from Instagram without your request. Don’t answer to the email and don’t click to any link.
  • Don’t login to your account through any public PC or any phone that don’t belong to you.

I hope these tips could help.

NoonysbakeryI received box of chocolates from Noony’s Bakery last week. I tasted some of their chocolates and it is delicious. They offer different flavors such as chocolate with cake, chocolate with fruits and others. Find them on Instagram @noonysbakery.

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HTC planned to organized today March 25th the press event of HTC One M8. Briefly, the HTC One M8 phone operate by Android KitKat 4.4.2, 5-inch screen, 2600 mAh Battery, HTC Sense, SD Card and capable for all network. Find the full review of the phone by CNET.

KuwaitUKVisaThe British Embassy of Kuwait announced that starting from the first of next April Kuwaiti citizens will be able to complete the procedures for obtaining a visa electronically through the website www.visa4uk.fco.gov.uk instead of a paper form and paying administration fees. The new system allows you to select the appointments, fill the form and pay the fees directly online.


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ZainhappydayLast Thursday Zain Telecommunication Company organized “Zain Happy Day Night” celebrating International Day of Happiness. I arrived around 6pm, parked my car and entered the elevator to the parking roof where the event is located. In the main entrance, there were five missions every guest need to do. Starting with breaking down plates, write a negative message on a balloon, drink lemon with mint juice, write a positive message and take a photo.

As well, their were some activities, DJ, gathering and draw. After the event is done we moved to enjoy rest of the night with Zain BBQ. I enjoyed the night. Thank you Zain Social Media.

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Two new watches with Android Wear smashed the technology world. Motorola recently announced Moto 360 watch. With this watch you can connect with people. control, track and find the time. From the product description, I think Moto 360 would be effective to use and will smash up the world. Will be available this summer. Find more at Moto 360 website.

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Android Wear is the latest operating system Google (Android) created specially capable for smart-watches. Motorola and LG officially will be using Android Wear for Moto 360 and LG G watches.

Kuwait Friday MarketFriday Market (Souq AlJuma’a) one of the popular market in Kuwait. It starts every Thursday afternoon and goes until Saturday evening of every week. In this market you can find cheap used stuff, new stuff, clothes, furniture, kitchen stuff, carpets, animals, plants and antiques.

BirdMarketKuwaitNext to the Friday Market, you can find The Bird Market were everyone gather up to buy/sell animals and birds. It is one of the biggest animals market locally. You find cheap and experience animals for sale. But you have to make sure the animal you are purchasing got a medical certificate from the Ministry of Health.

Location: AlRai [map]

BocciniKuwaitWe were invited for a dinner review and grand opening of Boccini Italian Pizzeria Restaurant. Boccini restaurant is an Italian cuisine marked under luxury and modern style.

BocciniPastaI received a set menu and chose to order Boccini Nachos, Gamberi Croccanti, Funghi e Pepperoni Pizza and Foresta Nera Pizza Dessert. I really loved the food taste of Boccini Nachos and Gamberi Croccanti. I ordered 3 more of Gamberi Croccanti as I never tasted same shrimps in my life. Their pizza and pasta were also delicious and I don’t have any comments to say.

But I disliked their desserts. They are don’t that tasty and well cooked. I recommend to fix the desserts by using other ingredients without pizza dough. I rate Boccini Italian Pizzeria food (09/10), location (06/10) and atmosphere (08/10).

Location: Mahboula – Levels Complex [map]