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ios8Apple announced yesterday iOS 8 at their annual WWDC 14 KeyNote. With simply set out to create the most natural experience for developers and users. iOS 8 got brand new features which inspires every iOS user.

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In brief, some features did improved and also new features added on. What’s new with iOS 8:

  • Photos – Are available everywhere through iCloud
  • Messages – Send text, voice, photo or location messages to your friends
  • Design – New way to respond to notifications and switch to screens
  • Smartest Keyboard – Easy way of typing
  • Family Sharing – You can add your family group and share whatever you need
  • iCloud Drive – You can work on any files anywhere
  • Health – Activity tracker, heart rate monitor, and other health and fitness apps can talk to each other
  • Devices Connection – You can answer calls and messages through your iPhone, iPad and Mac PC
  • Spotlight – Searches any content on your iPhone and gives you suggestions from Wikipedia entries, places nearby, trending news, and more

I can see new features added on which inspired me as an Apple user and developer. With Apple live changes much better and easier. iOS 8 is still under beta and will be launched by this fall.

WWDC14The next Apple WWDC 14 Keynote will start on 2nd of June 2014. With this keynote we expect to know more about Apple iOS8, OS X Mavericks, more of Beats Electronics, Apple TV and Apple iWatch. You can watch the full keynote online by Apple Special Event Website or AppI will post a full coverage of the main hits of Apple WWDC 14 keynote.

SamsungGalaxyS5I’m not a big fan/user of Android OS. Since I’m working on new projects, I bought brand new Samsung Galaxy S5 from Samsung Official Dealer – Wahran Trading Co. AlHamra Tower Branch. The device costed me 207KD with 32GB memory free. I don’t have any issues of using Samsung Phones, but I still dislike using Android OS because I’m not that comfortable with the OS functions. Find my Review: Samsung Galaxy S5.

The New Bentley SUV

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Bentley Motors announced before for a new SUV concept car coming up by 2015. The concept is now came a true. The new Bentley SUV is coming up in the next few months. A vehicle designed from the outset to take luxury to new heights. This is an official YouTube video commercial advertisement of The new Bentley SUV car.

DubaiBoulevardI spent the last 48 hrs in Dubai. I had a quick trip to Dubai and Abu Dhabi for a short mission. I went for dinner to Dubai Boulevard area in Dubai Downtown. I liked the new changes with the lightings and new cafes. As well, there were bikes and scooters available for rent. I think in the next few years, Dubai Boulevard will be the second city of Las Vegas. Good Job Dubai!.

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I saw this YouTube video of DJI Phantom 2 fall at Vingerklip, Damaraland, Namibia. The Phantom lost signal when it went behind the mountain and “returned to home”. Unfortunately, the Vingerklip (Afrikaans for Finger Rock) was between me and the drone. Drone survived with minimal damage.


National Aviation Services just released a mobile app for iPhone and Android devices. NAS Airports allows travellers to receive live flight information updates, book airport “Lounge” and “Meet & Assist” services, complete check-in and seat selection process, receive local and global travel and duty free promotions, trace lost luggage, get directions to airport, and much more.


CostaCoffeeKuwaitAiportCosta Coffee back at Kuwait International Airport. After a four-year absence Costa Coffee reopened in the arrivals terminal to satisfy your coffee cravings as soon as you arrive (or during the long waits for family and friends!). Welcome back Costa Coffee!

JooriMinBeirutLast night, I was invited for the grand opening of  Joori Min Beirut brand new lebanese restaurant. I arrived around 7pm. The event management team welcomed us and took us a short tour around the restaurant. Drinks, food and desserts were served during the event. After an hour, @ninaabdelmalak Lebanese singer started the event with wonderful songs. I liked the restaurant architecture, decorations, theme and food.

Location: Kuwait, Jabriya, 4th Ring Road, Near by Champion Gym

Opening Hours: 12pm – 12am

Instagram: @joori_restaurant

HeartshapedWatermelonToday morning I saw @sultan_center Instagram post of launching new heart shaped watermelons. I passed to Sha’ab branch this morning and saw the watermelons placed in a special area. I looked at the price and stayed a minute staring on the price. This is ridiculous who will buy a small heart shape watermelon for 99KD. Sultan Center say’s that only 120 pieces of these watermelons 40 pieces are in Russia, Japan and Kuwait. I just need to know who will buy one!.

Kuwait Industries Expo 2014I was invited to attend Kuwait Industries Expo 2014. Yesterday morning I passed to Mishref Kuwait International Fair to explore the expo. I was surprised with the decorations, setup, organising team and participation. Most of Kuwait Industries companies participated such as ABC, Wataniya, Abraj, KOC, KPC, Americana and more. This expo is the best expo I loved.

Date: 18-25 May 2014

Location: Kuwait International Fair – Hall 8

UpperCrustPizzaCompetitionI received an email from Upper Crust inviting us for best pizza competition. Last Saturday, I went to Upper Crust – AlBida’a branch to participate. The judges Basma Sultan, Ansam518, Lana AlResheed and Chef Hanouf have to review and rate each pizza to announce the top 3 winners.

Before cooking the pizza, the restaurant chef gave a short cooking tutorial. Q8Path went the first. I got the pizza dough ready, added some red sauce, grilled chicken, mushroom, vegetables and cheese. The chef took the pizza to the oven. After 7 minutes, I handed the pizza for review by the judges. I called my pizza “Chicken Veg. Margarita Pizza”. 

Well, what a shame I haven’t won the competition. But it was a great challenge and fun activity to cook up my mind pizza.