Best 5 Pizza Restaurants In Kuwait

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I’m one of Pizza’s lovers and have to be served to me whenever I visit any Italian Cuisine. Through some of the visits to the local Pizza Restaurants and I tried almost all of the restaurants that are famous in serving pizza’s.

From Q8Path rating, these are the best 5 restaurants that I personally love to dine in and enjoy my pizza:

  • Pizzetta (AlBadaa)
  • SoloPizza (Kuwait City)
  • Upper Crust (The Village)
  • ALTROLEVEL (The Village)
  • Papa Johns (Salmiya)

10 thoughts on “Best 5 Pizza Restaurants In Kuwait

  1. Pizzetta offers a diverse pallet of pizza creations that are at once light and crispy, yet packed with the true taste of the Italian country-side.

  2. best pizza sbarro shamiya they have the best cheese pizza
    home slice is good as well and Croccante you should try them

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