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HalaKuwait Blog In The Hell. Copy&Pasting Posts

May 30th, 2012 | Posted by Khalil in Blogs | Kuwait Life | Others | Personal | Reviews

HalaKuwait is one of the blogs locally were it established by BlogSpot. During the last couple of months we’ve found that the blog is copying and pasting the Kuwaiti blogs to there blog. Well that means plagiarism and copyright of the author post.

The purpose if he don’t understand what is a (blog) then why should he just copy and pasting our and someone else posts. If he would like to take someone else post, just source it or reference the post of the author.

HalaKuwait has copied over 10 blogs in Kuwait – Meenakon, Bananaq8, Z District, Q8Path, 7ajidude, BlogLaish, Kuwaitiful, BuzFairy, Froyonation and more.

We though out that the blog is just rss feeding and auto posting to the blog. But when tried to find the sources, it’s copying and pasting directly. Therefore, would like to thanks Z District which had chance to speak to the owner/author of the blog and it seems the blog is offline now.

The message, here there are principles to be a blogger and don’t think that to become a bloggers is easy and just to make money from the ads, were you could see this blog placed Google AdSense everywhere.

Find more about the same subject Hala Kuwait.. Hala walla! Hala Kuwait Blog: Home of the Plagiarizing Palooza! Were living in a stealing/copy pasting society!

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4 Responses

  • Khalil says:

    Sharing with bloggers are something good. But everyone thinks every blog is competitor than each other.
    Well this is completely wrong. If they are using the sources or context, then there should be a reference/source link.

  • ohhmy says:

    It must be different when posts are stolen from the well known bloggers because it didn’t seem like a big deal when both Frankom and Mark stole from both my blogs and gave me no credit for it. This was part of the reason why both blogs closed within two years, i couldn’t get the coverage i wanted because even when i posted cool blog posts, the famous bloggers would always seem to “coincidentally” post the exact same thing. Anyways, good thing he stopped.

  • Khalil says:

    Thanks again brother 🙂

  • Marzouq says:

    Lol! No Thanks needed, it was a joint effort! 😛

    The guy went offline in every way! lol

    But great job of finding out all the guy was doing and how much he was plagiarizing!

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