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Documentary Film Suffering From Gulf Youth Cars In London

January 7th, 2013 | Posted by Khalil in Automotive | Entertainment | Kuwait Life | Others | Reviews | Travel | World Life

A full documentary film created about the millionaire racing cars in London. Gulf Youth spends their summers and mid breaks to London with their sports cars only for showing off. Citizens in London are complaining about the noise in the streets specially in the area next to Knightsbridge.

The full film explains everything. Youth can spend their money in other things if they want, but they think its correct to do then just enjoy and respect the country you are in.

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  • From the New Sick Man of Europe: UK circa 2025 says:

    I think the documentary is produced more as a knee jerk reaction by xenophobes who worry that close to half of businesses in the UK are owned by wealthy Asian or Arab investors today and that snooty Knightsbridge will risk losing its snooty edge once you have more foreigners living there than locals who can afford.
    What does it tell you? That there’s nothing great about Great Britain anymore in the manner of tolerance, permissiveness and laissez faire.

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