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ZainGreatIdeaZain Great Idea 2015 is now ready to join.If you are passionate about technology, share your app, website, invention or any other tech idea you have for a chance to attend a local workshop facilitated by Harvard, IE Business School, Stanford, and MITEF.

To register or get more information visit Zain Great Idea website.

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As usual, Zain Telecommunication Company never forget to hear their community feedback. Every year Zain invite us to watch the last rehearsal of Eid AlFitr Play. This year the play show called “Zain AlBehar“.

Zain AlBe7arThe play is presented by different young Kuwaiti stars. Briefly, the show is all about the sea world life and how people can love and help each other. Mostly kids would love the play and story.

ZainBe7arThe theatre is almost full yesterday. As well, guests would never miss the moment of sharing the play with their followers on Instagram and Twitter. At the end, I liked the story, decoration, technology used and the theatre.

I would like also to send pleasure regards to Zain CSR and Social Media Dept. for providing us the opportunity to attend the play.

Location: Kathma Club Theater

To reserve a seat visit www.ZainPlay.com

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Zain Telecommunication Company came up with these wonderful TV Commercial Advertisements on Ramadan 2014. I liked the production and concepts. Especially, the one with the #Selfie idea. Good Job @zainkuwait.

ZainSocialMediaLast Wednesday on the 25th of June 2014, Zain Telecommunication Co. organised their annual Social Media Day event. I received an invitation with a box includes a cassette player and cassette which plays out the invitation.

ZainSocialMediaDay2014On Wednesday night I drove out to The Grand Avenues Mall – Prestige Ballroom. The event included some activities, entertainments, draw, competition and more. I liked the event decoration and theme. It was a wonderful day to meet with bloggers, social media stars and friends.

Thank you for Zain Kuwait – Social Media of organising this kind of gatherings.


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ZainhappydayLast Thursday Zain Telecommunication Company organized “Zain Happy Day Night” celebrating International Day of Happiness. I arrived around 6pm, parked my car and entered the elevator to the parking roof where the event is located. In the main entrance, there were five missions every guest need to do. Starting with breaking down plates, write a negative message on a balloon, drink lemon with mint juice, write a positive message and take a photo.

As well, their were some activities, DJ, gathering and draw. After the event is done we moved to enjoy rest of the night with Zain BBQ. I enjoyed the night. Thank you Zain Social Media.

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February is Kuwait national month were we celebrate. Last Saturday Zain Telecommunication Company recorded their LipDub at Grand Avenues Mall. Here is the full LipDub of celebrating Kuwait National Day.

VIVAKuwait4GVIVA Kuwait added a new promotion to their 4G LTE Data. I saw their advertisement on newspaper. So I went to Marina Mall branch to find out their offers. However, the customer service agent offered me two packages. The first package 13KD/monthly for a year with free hotspot device and the other package 18KD/monthly for a year with a router.

I calculated out the estimation budget which I need to pay in a year. So I chose the second package 18KD with free router. I’m using Zain 4G LTE In House Now almost a year and added VIVA router for my other office.

VIVA4GLTE Zain4GLTEBoth of the speed test done in the same time and location. As you see Zain download speed (22.21 Mbps) and VIVA (8.03 Mbps). I’m proud that Zain is the most powerful 4G LTE operator in Kuwait and prefer to use their services.

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Army of One created a wonderful rap music exclusively for Zain Social Media and #ZAINSMDAY 2013.

SteveWozniakKuwaitWe received an exclusive invitation from Zain Telecom to attend Steve Wozniak experience speech. While Steve came to Kuwait to present an entrepreneurship seminar with Tmkeen. However, today morning I arrived to Crown Plaza Hotel. Around 10.30am, Steve Wozniak arrived.

Main headlines of Steve Wozniak Speech:

  • Apple started in a small garage in 1976
  • Jobs and Wozniak had lots of opportunities to manufacture Mac 1 and 2
  • Investors believed that Apple will achieve from Jobs expectations
  • Jobs and Wozniak worked together to achieve their goals
  • Both of the founders are not in technology fields, but they believe their project will light up one day
  • The first iPod and iPhone were the best opportunity of Apple to become popular and increase their market shares
  • A business need time, money and effort to reach a stage of success

After Wozniak had his speech a discussion panel opened to ask some questions. Around 12pm, the conference ended and I had a great chance to meet Steve Wozniak. All of the audience took some photos and prepared their iPhones for Wozniak to sign on.

Thank you Zain Kuwait and Tmkeen for the great conference.

ZainLiveChatSmall number of the firms locally uses online live chat services, to be obtain excellent customer services. I usually use online gateways to pay up the bills. Therefore, used Zain’s online payment services to pay up my 4G Router.

During the process, the payment gateway screen stuck and shown as loading more than 5 minutes. I used Zain’s online live chat service, that helped me effectively to solve out the issue. However, the live chat is answered by agents that text up in English, Arabic and Kuwaiti Arabic English.

I really liked the service and wish the rest of the organizations offer the on spot live chat services.

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In the last three years, Zain Telecommunication Company organizes entertainment Eid AlFitr play for kids and families. Mosba7 Zain Show and Trip To Zain 3alm Jameel are the both plays which I’ve attached in the last two years.

ZainWaElWa7shZain Wa ElWa7sh is this Eid AlFitr play. Zain Social Media & CSR Dept. invited us to attend the final rehearsal show. Bashar AlShatti, Shajoon, Fatema AlSafi and more stars are the show stars.

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I can see is the show perfectly and professionally organized and leaded as a full production. The most points I personally enjoyed are the show story, production, audio, theme and visual materials that attended some flavor in the show. I wish Zain the best and Zain always a Wonderful Life.

The show will be available from the first till the four day of Eid AlFitr 2013. More information call: 9000 7774 / 9000 7773.

ZainSMDAYInvitationLast Wednesday, we received a special mailbox invitation from Zain Telecom Co. The invitation box got a flash drive written on it Play Me. I’ve played the video file and so the custom video invitation made by Zain Social Media Team. I really loved the invitation idea and way it packed.

ZainSMDayZain Social Media Day #zainsmday 2013 happened yesterday night at Missoni Hotel. This is the third year Zain celebrates the World Social Media Day, this event is much organized and bigger than the last year’s event.

Around 7pm night, the event started introducing the event purpose, speech from “Mohammed AlMuhaini – Social Media Manager” and event agenda. A short entertainment play started by “AlShayib Group”. Moreover, Ahmad AlAjeel started to give out some questions to the audience and one of the questions I tried to answer and won “iPhone 5″. Each guest got a ticket number to enter the draw. The draw happened after the questions directly, around five people won different gifts from Zain.

This time Zain recorded entrepreneurs and social media members speech, which played mid of the event. The entrepreneurs were Hind AlNahed, Abdullah Boftain, Fatema AlOthman and other stars.


Towards the end, “AlShayeb Group” presented their talents by a jazz play as you see above. Absolutely amazing show and loved the play with Gangnam Style.

ZainCakeAhmad AlAjeel directed us to the main ballroom entrance presenting us the mini museum, showing the old mobiles in Kuwait. Then, everyone took a balloon and wrote his name/blog name. All the audience went to Missoni Hotel pool area and flown the balloons together.

Ending up, everyone blown Zain 30 candles celebrating the 30 years of establishing Zain Company.

Absolutely grateful chance to gather all  social media stars and bloggers in one event celebrating the World Social Media Day. Thank you Zain for the event and we are looking forward for next year social media day.