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Wataniya provided us an oppounity for attending and spending all the day with Ne-Yo in Kuwait. This is really a wonderful opounity which I am trying my life.

From the image package above it seems very interesting event. We will also cover all the day event and post it back in our blog.

Wataniya Ne-Yo Event

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Wataniya Backstage & Ne-Yo will be in Kuwait by the next few days. This is a breaking news from Wataniya: Tomorrow at 11:00 am we will let you know the final schedule of Ne-Yo visit to Kuwait.


Wataniya has launched a new music application called Backstage! You can enjoy more than 130,000 songs on Backstage and get a chance to meet the music icon, Ne-Yo. Sign up now! Last day for the contest is 4th April, 2011.


For more information:

Registration by Facebook

Wataniya Facebook Page

Wataniya: Mother’s Day Tips

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New Sponsor: Wataniya Telecom.

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Wataniya Telecom is our new sponsor in Q8path blog. We would like to greet them with a pleasure welcome to our blog. Therefore, we will try to cover the most latest news, promotions and services of Wataniya.

Always check the latest news by Wataniya website.

Wataniya: Extra 50% topup

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50% off upon recharging, enjoy this two day exclusive offer.

Wataniya Telecom has compiled the best photo submissions from the GiveKuwait campaign and will be showcasing them at Marina Mall’s bridge from February 21st to February 28th.


YouTube Preview Image

Ms.Shaima has emailed us to support her again with her final vote @ Givekuwait.com


Today afternoon around 5pm, I’ve attended Nick Vujicic inspiring speech in GUST University in Mishref. As I’ve posted yesterday this was an invitation from Wataniya Telecom. to attend this speech.

First of all, the speech was really organized and I’ve really learnt different tips from Nick and his experience.

Nick is an disabled person which he was born without hands and legs. He is now 28 years old with Degree of Accounting and Finance, we became a fluent speaker internationally. His main principles for building hope in ourselves, to be positive, achieve our goals and try to our goals again and again tell we are successful.

I really enjoyed his speaking, which he is getting a speaker after his experience before 9 years in different schools and audience.

Finally, I would like to thanks Wataniya for providing us an opportunity to attend the speech and I am sorry for not providing any videos which the files size are really large to upload.

Wataniya: Stars@infoconnect

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In the last Infoconnect exhibition, some of the Arabian stars has visited Wataniya booth and centre.

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Before five days ago, we’ve posted “Wataniya Supports: Nick Vujicic’s talk on 9 Feb 2011” which the event is sponsored by Wataniya Telecom. We would like to thanks Wataniya for providing us 2 tickets to attend the speech.

Event information:

  • Location: GUST University – Mishref
  • Time: 5.00 – 8.00pm
  • Date: Wed. 09 Feb 2011.