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Wataniya TV: Launching Event

Thursday 28 July was Wataniya Gala of launching there first Ramadan TV channel called Wataniya TV. It was a wonderful dinner event with different celebrates in locally and internationally. The event started with the PR speech, then break, and a with Belal ELShamy.

Personally, it was really nice organized event and specially enjoyed our day with the celebrates like, Hayat ElFahad, Sou’ad Abdullah, Mohammed BoShahri, Mohammed AlSarafi, Feefee 3abdo and more.

Finally, we hope Wataniya TV be successfully effective and wish them the best. In addition, nice to see and have some dinner break with the bloggers 360Dewan, Q8BlackMarket and KuwaitFul.

Don’t forget to check Wataniya TV at (10795 V)

Stay Tuned At Wataniya TV Channel

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From today the official Wataniya TV Channel starting there marketing campaign of promoting tuned programs and series.

Everyone could configure the satilate recver to – Nilesat 10795 Vertical  and enjoy the wonderful series on Wataniya Channel.

In addition, you can view the channel by TV, Mobile or your PC.


More information find Wataniya:

Wataniya TV

Wataniya Blog

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Wataniya: Coming Soon Executive Wataniya TV Channel


We were invited to Wataniya Channel Press Conference today morning in Missoni Hotel-Missoni Saloon. Wataniya Telecom has successfully offered its customers and everybody in Kuwait the latest, exciting and thrilling surprises and events over the years. Today, the best telecoms operator of 2011 has announced during a press conference the launch of its free-to-air satellite TV channel named Wataniya, marking itself as the first mobile operator in Kuwait to undertake such as ambitious venture.

Wataniya TV will air the latest Ramadan series in addition to religious programs and competitions for every member of the family. Seven top 2010 Arabic series will be shown on the TV Channel such as: AL-Jileeb, AlForsa AlThaniya, Sahir AlLayali2, AlSamaa’ AlThaniya, AlHob La Yakfi Ahyanan, Daleila wal Zabaq and Kayd AlNissa’. On daily basis, a ten minute religious show will air prior to the Magrhib prayers. Their will be a soft launching of the channel on 15 July 2011, hopefully we will cover the full details of the channel schedule and etc.

It is also a pleasure to meet again our friends 360dewanQ8BlackMarket and Bloglaish. We also would like to thanks Wataniya Social Media and PR team for inviting us. Hopefully we wish them a successful TV Channel which is an amazing start of a telecommunication company as in Middle East.

Thank you Wataniya for the wonderful gift which the kids enjoyed watching cartoons on their brand new Home System.

Find the latest information on Wataniya Blog.


Wataniya Blog


Wataniya launched a new and interactive Wataniya Blog with another exciting contest. The main objective of the blog is to keep you and our customers up to date with the latest in telecom news, interesting tips and tricks to optimize the Wataniya experience, upcoming trends and exciting events.

Wataniya placed there new promotion for 3 lucky customers will win an all-expense paid trip to Paris (flight tickets, hotel accommodation and concert passes) to watch the Black Eyed Peas perform live on 24th June, 2011

Visit the blog here

Wataniya: Full Day Coverage Backstage Ne-Yo! … Special Thanks To Wataniya


I really don’t know where to start in this all day event with Wataniya and NeYo. First of all, I would like to thanks Wataniya management and marketing department for providing our me and our blog an oppounity attending this special event. Wataniya provided a special services to the bloggers such as gifts, lunch with NeYo, special Limousine transportation and attending the whole event.

This event was made to introduce the new service from Wataniya called “BackStage”. Backstage is Access to unlimited music on your mobile and PC.Backstage is an unlimited music download service from Wataniya, you can choose all the music you want to download and it’s all included in the price of the subscription. You also get to keep 10 FREE tracks of your choice every month. Backstage is available on both your mobile & PC so you can listen to you playlists across both platforms.

To subscribe “Wink customers: SMS “WB” to 123″ or  “Wataniya customers: SMS “BE” to 123″

We’ve spent all of the day from 10am – 11.30pm with Ne-Yo. We met Ne-Yo in the conference press, having lunch, at the avenues and Sahar event.

It was also a pleasure for meeting 360Dewan, BlogLaish, Q8Blackmarket, Ansam.

Finally, thanks a lot to Wataniya and we hope to see more these creative events in Kuwait again. What I’ve liked specially in this event the organization, timing, meeting new people such as our friends the bloggers which enjoyed playing UNO in our break-time.


I Like Wataniya!




Through a period of one month, I saw a wonderful motivation and support from Wataniya for sending us gifts and any upcoming invitations. I liked this communication and co-operation with the bloggers, which it helps and satisfy us.

In addition, regarding Wataniya services I am a users/fan for using WNET for almost three years. They have an excellent bandwidth and signals almost everywhere in Kuwait. One of the cases I’ve also liked with Wataniya, when I bought my Macbook Pro, I was experiencing an restart message after placing my WNET. This message was related to the WNET application, their customer care support in the Head Office has exchanged my device to a new one.

Go a head Wataniya with your wonderful services and promotions.