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Supporting the World Diabetes Day [14 November 2012] Wataniya prepared this lovely healthy box. We’ve received this box with a institution book for heath recipes, healthy mix nuts, jump rope, and diabetes guide from Dasman Diabetes.

Wataniya would love to spread their campaign by supporting Pumps 4 Kids: Children Diabetes Campaign. We hope if everyone could donate and support for funds raising to Diabetic Kids with Type 1. To donate [Send D to 1922 For Wataniya Customers].

Additionally, Dasman Diabetes Institute is organizing the world diabetes day on Thursday 22 November 2012, 4.oopm – 9.00pm at Dasman Diabetes Institute.

For last, since one year ago there was a strategy from the ministry of communication to able any customer to switch his/her mobile number to any operator in Kuwait. Before a while, the Minister of Communication – Mr.Salem AlAtheena announced the approval of the customers to switch any telecommunication.

The procedure takes just 24hrs and costs 5KD. Still nothing is announced where and how to submit the orders. There will be an authorized company by the ministry which does all these services.

So let me know which company/carrier would you switch from to a new telecommunication company.

Wataniya Telecom released a self-care app for iPhone and Android. It just takes clicks to manage your mobile account, pay your bills or recharge your prepaid line. You can even browse through our latest promotions, activate your favorite Wataniya services and interact with Wataniya’s social forums through this all-inclusive self-care app!

The benefits is in one handy application to manage your account by paying your bills , view your usage and no need to go to any shop to recharge your prepaid – you can directly recharge using your KNET. It is also a source of information on the latest offers/promotions of Wataniya, the branch locations and quick dial to emergency numbers.

Ramadan really went quickly and just couple of days till Eid AlFitr. We’ve enjoyed Ramadan with different creative TVCommercial advertisements by local organizations that had large number of impressions.

We supposed to make a poll, but due to the pressure and the time capacity. Q8Path thought to release the best TVCommercial that we’ve liked and the enjoyed. As due to different tweets with our followers, came up with these wonderful impressed ads for Ramadan 2012.




Great Job QualityNet, NBK, Sable, Wataniya, Bayan Dental and Chocolateness. Will be waiting for the next year ads.

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Everyone seems to get the new Samsung Galaxy SIII. Wataniya Telecom has published a unboxing review of the new Samsung Galaxy SIII device. As it shown the features and specifications of the device with the latest technology.

Waiting for it to be launched officially in the local market by end of May 2012.

Today was the last day of Wataniya: Give Kuwait 2 Expo. We managed to attend the final ceremony of GiveKuwait 2, during the ceremony, there was different gifts of the best booth, best business, best logo and best product.

As well, there was some contest through Twitter, Facebook and Instagram of Wataniya channels.

Finally, the overview of GiveKuwait 2 is really successfully managed, organized and achieved with benefit small businesses in Kuwait with different industries. Waiting to see more of these projects with Wataniya and waiting for next year’s GiveKuwait.