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Wataniya celebrates Kuwait’s National and Liberation Day differently this year by creating fablous show on Wataniya’s New HQ Tower. The show is available from the 24th to 28th February 2013 (7pm every night) at Wataniya New Tower Opposite Ice-Skating in Kuwait City.

New Year 2013 Gifts

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Starting from the New Year 2013, we’ve received three new year 2013 calendar packages from Wataniya Telecom, Kuwait Investment Company and Zain Telecom Companies. All of them are really inspired and wonderfully created.

Therefore, Q8Path would like to send a pleasure thanks for sending these calendars packages which I will be place them up at my personal office.

Thank you Wataniya, Kuwait Investment Company and Zain.

Wataniya Fun Night

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Last Wednesday, we had a fun amazing night at Freeze Club 360 Mall. Wataniya organized a fun night with their staff, customers, bloggers, media and more. We’ve enjoyed the contest, playing games and having dinner together.

As well during the night, Wataniya released the new Nokia Lumia 920 and added up a new packages for the device. I had a chance the quick view the device during the event. It’s probably good, but I disliked the shape exterior of overall devices. As it’s not that comfortable in the hand.

Anyway, the night went smoothly wonderful and had a quick break for having fun. You can check more about the event and device at Wataniya Blog.


A 26hrs kart racing run just ended within four hours after all of the teams had a chance to participate. Yesterday after, I passed to Mishref International Fair Centre which the event of GulfRun Race is hosted at the parking zone. I’ve reached their at 4pm which the race haven’t started yet and the practice session was still going on.

The idea of this race is for having 26hrs kart race going on continuing from night to the other day night. Each of the team member join the race and they are shift up anytime for changing driver or kart maintenance.

At 5.00pm sharp the race started with around 20 teams and the fans cheering up motivating the game.


After at long 26hrs driving three winners of the race. At the third place (Gulf Cable Group) – Second place (JPS Racing) and First place (Shanabz Group).

In total, the event was completely organized with the security,management, logistics and etc. I had a lovely night watching and cheering up the race.


Yesterday night, we’ve attended Wataniya Surprise 13 December At The Avenues. From that time, we haven’t knew yet what’s inside the stage. I’ve reached The Avenues at 6.00pm and counting down till 7.00pm.

At that time, everyone counting down together and the CEO pressed the button for the big surprise.


The surprise is the biggest cupcake pyramid with white and red cupcakes added with Wataniya branding. This pyramid has 15,100 cupcakes hosted as it’s the largest in the world. At the launching time, every staff member including the CEO of the company participated with the fans by distributing the fabulous cupcakes from Opera (special delicious).

At the end, everyone ate one from these cupcakes and enjoyed the celebration of the 13th years. Happy Birthday Wataniya Telecom!


Wataniya Telecom got special surprises tomorrow [Thursday, 13 December 2012 – 7PM] at The Avenues Phase 2. Well, we really don’t know the real surprise is what, but the time is still counting down towards the event.


Before two days ago, we received a creative gift from Wataniya, to invite us to the surprise event on upcoming Thursday. Inside this box was a delicious red velvet cake. There are different tips which we’re placed inside the balloon and under the cake pad.

Well let’s wait till the surprise and hopefully we can get something great from it.