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For last, since one year ago there was a strategy from the ministry of communication to able any customer to switch his/her mobile number to any operator in Kuwait. Before a while, the Minister of Communication – Mr.Salem AlAtheena announced the approval of the customers to switch any telecommunication.

The procedure takes just 24hrs and costs 5KD. Still nothing is announced where and how to submit the orders. There will be an authorized company by the ministry which does all these services.

So let me know which company/carrier would you switch from to a new telecommunication company.

Wataniya Telecom released a self-care app for iPhone and Android. It just takes clicks to manage your mobile account, pay your bills or recharge your prepaid line. You can even browse through our latest promotions, activate your favorite Wataniya services and interact with Wataniya’s social forums through this all-inclusive self-care app!

The benefits is in one handy application to manage your account by paying your bills , view your usage and no need to go to any shop to recharge your prepaid – you can directly recharge using your KNET. It is also a source of information on the latest offers/promotions of Wataniya, the branch locations and quick dial to emergency numbers.

Ramadan really went quickly and just couple of days till Eid AlFitr. We’ve enjoyed Ramadan with different creative TVCommercial advertisements by local organizations that had large number of impressions.

We supposed to make a poll, but due to the pressure and the time capacity. Q8Path thought to release the best TVCommercial that we’ve liked and the enjoyed. As due to different tweets with our followers, came up with these wonderful impressed ads for Ramadan 2012.




Great Job QualityNet, NBK, Sable, Wataniya, Bayan Dental and Chocolateness. Will be waiting for the next year ads.

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Everyone seems to get the new Samsung Galaxy SIII. Wataniya Telecom has published a unboxing review of the new Samsung Galaxy SIII device. As it shown the features and specifications of the device with the latest technology.

Waiting for it to be launched officially in the local market by end of May 2012.

Today was the last day of Wataniya: Give Kuwait 2 Expo. We managed to attend the final ceremony of GiveKuwait 2, during the ceremony, there was different gifts of the best booth, best business, best logo and best product.

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As well, there was some contest through Twitter, Facebook and Instagram of Wataniya channels.

Finally, the overview of GiveKuwait 2 is really successfully managed, organized and achieved with benefit small businesses in Kuwait with different industries. Waiting to see more of these projects with Wataniya and waiting for next year’s GiveKuwait.

GiveKuwait 2 is the second campaign of Wataniya Telecom supporting local small businesses in Kuwait. On Thursday morning 12 April 2012, Wataniya opened their first expo in Mishref 4B Hall, with all small businesses booths which participated in Give Kuwait 2.

The opening ceremony started around 10am in the morning, were opened by Minister of Telecom, Minister of Media, Wataniya Board of Directors and Executive Management.

Give Kuwait Exhibition starts from 12-16 April 2012, 10am – 2pm and 5pm – 10pm. As well, there is daily contents and seminars – Find more information here.

Visit up the exhibition and support local small businesses!!

Wataniya Give Kuwait exhibition for entrepreneurs and small businesses begins this week on Thursday 12-16 April 2012. The venue of the expo is Kuwait International Exhibition Zone – Hall #4B.

Have a lovely weekend with Wataniya GiveKuwait Expo tour with family and friends.

Empowering talent and giving young people a chance to maximize their potential is the ultimate goal of GiveKuwait. This is a platform that will give young stars like yourself an opportunity to shine by giving you exposure, connectivity and development.This year, GiveKuwait is going to be much bigger whether you want to be showcasing a new product or are looking to gain some knowledge, GiveKuwait will give you the chance to choose your path of success.

Wataniya will organize one of the largest exhibitions of its kind. 250 selected participants will receive free space and booths in the exhibition hall for five days. They will be able to further promote their innovative ideas, products and services via the GiveKuwait website and smartphone app. An advertising campaign will create awareness of for selected participants via radio, billboards and press ads.

Click Here To Register

Wataniya Night at Tatami

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Today night we had lovely bloggers night with Wataniya. The night venue were in lovely Japanese Restaurant called Tatami located in Kuwait City. It started with welcoming the bloggers, some soft-drinks and short presentation of Give Kuwait 2. Register Now Wataniya Give Kuwait 2 is a motivated campaign for small businesses and passions people.

Tatami Restaurant were my first impression visit, it’s really wonderful Japanese cuisine, serves sea food and sushi’s.

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Since Wataniya: Give Kuwait 2 Press Conference, GiveKuwait 2 has been launched for providing the oppounity to register for any idea or small business.

Register Now:

Wataniya Give Kuwait 2 Website

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Our recent post of GulfRun Getting Ready: Super Car Wash were included some of the shots we’ve managed to get. Wataniya prepared a complete video with an interview with the candidates of the race.

Wataniya held a press conference today at The Sheraton Hotel. The press conference to speech the upcoming campaign of Give Kuwait 2. Give Kuwait 1 Wataniya: GiveKuwait Photo Exhibition went perfectly successful with huge amount of participators were joint sharing their images and videos.

Give Kuwait 2 have new different activities such as seminars, workshops and exhibitions for the Kuwaiti entrepreneurs and small businesses. The registration will be free with no any guidelines. The number of small businesses will be only 70 people. The exhibition is scheduled on May 2012 in Mishref Exhibition Centre for 5 days. Give Kuwait 2 is sponsored by Kuwait Small Projects Development Company (KSPDC), AlImiaz Investment Company.

Wataniya will also help and sponsor all the participators with the marketing and business plans, although will spread the message with huge marketing campaign.

Get more information:

Wataniya Blog

Wataniya Facebook Page