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InfiniteFlightIf you are one of game nerds you would love Infinite Flight Simulator. Basicaly, the game app is a flight simulator that features 42 aircraft and 16 regions, flight planning, ILS, autopilot, time and weather, weight and balance, lessons and missions on some aircraft.

What I loved from Infinite Flight Simulator game app are the updated features, aircrafts and advanced simulator technology.

Infinite Flight Simulator game are available on Windows Phone, Android and iOS.


Mecca_LiveThousand of people tweeted under one hashtag #Mecca_live to add-on live feature in Snapchat. However, large number of people participated in this hashtag to allow Snapchat users to contribute live videos and photos from Mecca in Holy Ramadan month.

This hashtag campaign created to show the world million of Muslims pray together without any complication. Therefore, Snapchat will host live coverage on 27th Ramadan / 13th July 2015.

iOS 8.4 Introduce Apple Music

July 1st, 2015 | Posted by Khalil in Apple | Gadgets | Technology - (0 Comments)

iOS8.4Apple added the latest software update iOS 8.4. This update introduces Apple Music which is an revolutionary music service, 24/7 global radio and way for fans to connect with their favourite artists. Additionally iOS 8.4 includes improvements in iBooks and some bugs.

SocialMediaDay2015June 30, is the World Social Media Day. Mashable created the world hashtag #smday were it shows the full coverage of World Social Media Day celebrations. Happy Social Media Day!.

SnapChatLiveKuwaitAccording to social media posts. SnapChat will be live in Kuwait today by broadcasting snap posts live from  Ahmadi Area. This means all of SnapChat figures will move toward Ahmadi and broadcast live. What you need to do is to drive down towards Ahmadi, switch on your location feature, snap your video/photo and wish the luck to view your snaps at SnapChat discover.

WhatsappcallingWhatsApp is the most popular mobile messaging app in the world. Recently, WhatsApp managed the add calling feature to iOS & Android apps. I personally used it. The voice was clear, excellent signal and of course it’s free.

I knew that WhatsApp Calling is blocked in UAE, but I’m not sure if this is correct. However, I wish if the telecommunication companies here in Kuwait could not band this service. Basically I’m thinking the reason of blocking WhatsApp Calling is were the telecom companies revenue will decrease and users will go for free VoIP calling.