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Two new watches with Android Wear smashed the technology world. Motorola recently announced Moto 360 watch. With this watch you can connect with people. control, track and find the time. From the product description, I think Moto 360 would be effective to use and will smash up the world. Will be available this summer. Find more at Moto 360 website.

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Android Wear is the latest operating system Google (Android) created specially capable for smart-watches. Motorola and LG officially will be using Android Wear for Moto 360 and LG G watches.

Kuwait Friday MarketFriday Market (Souq AlJuma’a) one of the popular market in Kuwait. It starts every Thursday afternoon and goes until Saturday evening of every week. In this market you can find cheap used stuff, new stuff, clothes, furniture, kitchen stuff, carpets, animals, plants and antiques.

BirdMarketKuwaitNext to the Friday Market, you can find The Bird Market were everyone gather up to buy/sell animals and birds. It is one of the biggest animals market locally. You find cheap and experience animals for sale. But you have to make sure the animal you are purchasing got a medical certificate from the Ministry of Health.

Location: AlRai [map]

BocciniKuwaitWe were invited for a dinner review and grand opening of Boccini Italian Pizzeria Restaurant. Boccini restaurant is an Italian cuisine marked under luxury and modern style.

BocciniPastaI received a set menu and chose to order Boccini Nachos, Gamberi Croccanti, Funghi e Pepperoni Pizza and Foresta Nera Pizza Dessert. I really loved the food taste of Boccini Nachos and Gamberi Croccanti. I ordered 3 more of Gamberi Croccanti as I never tasted same shrimps in my life. Their pizza and pasta were also delicious and I don’t have any comments to say.

But I disliked their desserts. They are don’t that tasty and well cooked. I recommend to fix the desserts by using other ingredients without pizza dough. I rate Boccini Italian Pizzeria food (09/10), location (06/10) and atmosphere (08/10).

Location: Mahboula – Levels Complex [map]


Review: Oliversan Food

March 20th, 2014 | Posted by Khalil in Others | Restaurant/Food | Reviews - (0 Comments)

OliversanFoodDays back, I received different collection of Oliversan food delivered to us. We did reviewed Oliversan Restaurant last year. This time I got Mongolian Beef Tenderloinm, Shrimp with Rice, Cashew with Chicken and Black Tiger Shrimp On Wheat Toast for dinner. I ate some of Oliversan dishes before and they are deliciously made. Overall, the food tastes great. Oliversan offers home or work delivery through Talabat or call +965-2290 1051.

Review: Zeebrgr Food

March 16th, 2014 | Posted by Khalil in Kuwait Life | Restaurant/Food | Reviews - (0 Comments)

ZeebrgrKuwaitDays back, I had Zeebrgr latest burgers and food delivered to us. For dinner I had Zee Salad, Buffalo Chicken Wings, Issa Brgr, Zeebrgr Bites (mini burgers) and French Fries. The Zee Salad is a mixture of fresh herbs & vegetables. Issa Brgr is house-made juicy beef petty with special garlic may sauce, cheese, onion and mushroom sauce. Zee Brgr is my favorite mini burgers I ate in Kuwait. It is made of house beef patty with special sauce, topped with tempura onion rings, tomato and cheese.

Q8Path First Visit To ZeeBrgr restaurant was last year. I mark Zeebrgr as one of the luxury burger restaurants in Kuwait. Find @zeebrgr on Instagram.

InstagramKuwaitInstagram is one of the apps and social media channels were Kuwaiti’s use it daily. Men, women, kids, businesses and organizations moved to Instagram to provide business/commercial promotions or exchange. There are number of people on Instagram who are called “Instagram Stars” who own large followers, provide marketing services such as promoting brands, products or services on their account with high prices.

While ago, Instagram soft-launch “Sponsored” services were advertisements appears in between your account timeline. Still this service is under development by Instagram.

I’m thinking back how could Kuwaiti Instagramers “Instagram Stars” life could be after Instagram officially kick-off their ads services internationally. I believe, we could find number of stars will disappear and number of accounts will be closed down. I hate to see the same advertisement posted in different accounts on Instagram who powered by one of the company. Instagram is a social media channel were the “social/communities” could share up their photos/videos together and not to promote each other businesses.

CocoWaterCoconut Water is the ultimate thirst quencher and offers a testy alternative to water. This COCO Water is made of 100% nature coconut water and well packed with nutrients. Health benefits of COCO Water are aids in weight-loss, reduces blood pressure, boosts hydrations, rich with nutrients and facilitates digestions.

I got pack of COCO Water from Re-Kuwait. It actually tastes similar to natural pure coconut water without any sugar added. They are available for delivery by Re-Kuwait for 9KD per dozen. To order some call 99115662.

LaSalade“Eat Better Live Better” the slogan of LaSalade Gourmet Restaurant. LaSalade Gourmet is a local concept that developed due to the increase demand in Kuwaiti market to have light, tasty and healthy food. Also create an authentic experience where you can eat the finest ingredients with a unique healthy and balanced food portion.

In LaSalade Gourmet offer a rich salad bar with a broad range of chopped greens, cheeses, protein items, soup, and natural- home made dressings with bread selection. Additionally, the menu entails a section for readymade salads, appetizers, main courses, with a special fitness corner meeting athletes’ special protein diets.

I attended the grand opening of the restaurant and enjoyed creating my salad with the available healthy vegetables and food.

Location:  The Avenues Phase III – Jewelry Zone

DubaiMiracleGardenThe 72,000 sq garden, Dubai Miracle Garden contains over 45 million flowers with fashioned shapes of hearts, stars, igloos, pyramids and more. I went to some attractive areas in Dubai. This was my first visit to Dubai Miracle Garden located in Dubailand area. The garden is so attractive, colourful and amazing place to have a tour.

MiracleGardenI arrived at 4pm afternoon and nearly completed most of the areas. Beginning of year 2014, the garden also opened the second phase were they added more objects and attractions. In every yard, you can find seating areas, cafes, restrooms and assistants. The garage garden is the most zone I love were parts of old cars placed and decorated with flowers. The entrance ticket cost 30AED per adult for the both phases. I recommend anyone haven’t visited the garden yet, to get a chance to look around and take some photos.

UniqueBalloonylandI saw buzz posts on Instagram last Friday of Unique Balloonyland event. So I drove to Shuwaikh – AlTilal Complex this morning to find more about the event. Unique Balloonyland is organized by Balloonyland company. The location is totally decorated with colourful balloons and objects. From different small businesses sectors participated in the event such as food, accessories, fashion and sports. As well in the afternoon, their was some kids show. What impressed me is the location, decoration and idea.

StoneGrillKuwaitStone Grill opened before years ago their first branch in Salmiya. Currently they also operate in Menus Complex – Abu Halifa. Last Wednesday, I was invited for bloggers night. I got the menu and chose to have for dinner Nachos, Stone Steak and lemon juice. Nachos were gave as an appetizer, well I disliked it and even not continued eating their nachos. It is absolutely dry and the cheese is so stuck with potato.

Moreover, the waiter gave me the cooking uniform and bought the stone for me to cook. I cooked my own steaks by placing the beef steak directly to stone and flipping over till it is well done cooked. After that I added the barbecue sauce with some vegetables on the side. I don’t have any comments on the steaks.

The overall experience went good, but I rate Stone Grill food 04/10 because I don’t even see any changes or nothing new that impress me. I really wish if they could start changing and adding up new dishes to their menu.

FinyalWaBeiyalaFinyal Wa Beiyala Cafe new small business established recently in Kuwait. Someone knocked the door and gave us a lovely heavy basket. I opened the basket and saw this gift from Finyal Wa Beiyala Cafe. I tasted both of Arabic Coffee and Tea with milk. The Arabic Coffee is not cooked and made well, but the tea with milk drink has no comments. The dates added on the side also good but I recommend if it could be packed in other package.

Phone: 55884803

Instagram: @fwb_cafe