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MagnoliaChocolateKuwait Magnolia Bakery added on new item to their menu “Chocolate Laced Meringues”. I received a small gift Magnolia Bakery to taste their new item. Actually I don’t have any comments to say. Thank you Magnolia Bakery Kuwait for the gift.

Location: AlHamra Tower - First Floor

HomeSlicePizzaThis suburb I entered by mistake during my walk in London – Soho. However, at that time it was rainy and windy. So I passed through a small pizza restaurant called Home Slice Pizza to have some lunch.

HSPizzaLondonThey only serve Pizza. I chose to have a slice of margarita and veg pizza. The pizza taste’s so delicious, juicy and I loved the pizza sauce. If are in London on day, please visit HS Pizza and give me your feedback.[Map]

StarbucksLondonI think there are special moments during the day to pick-up your coffee. During my last trip to London, I usually pick-up my Starbucks Coffee before I have lunch. I love to drink Starbucks Coffee in London because it got a unique taste and cheap price compared to Kuwait. In London Mayfair you can find Starbucks almost in every street.

HotelMissoniCucinaI received a special invitation from Hotel Missoni Management to review Cucina Restaurant new pizza menu. Today afternoon, after I done from work, I went to Hotel Missoni to dine-in for lunch and taste their new pizza. The hotel management welcomed us and explained some of the new changes in the restaurant.

Cucina Restaurant is now changed with new theme and decorations. As well the restaurant is expanded now with extra seats and tables. There is also a private lounge were business/private lunch can be reserved. Personally, I liked the new blue theme and Missoni texture added everywhere.

CucinaRestaurantWe were given a set menu for our lunch. As a start-up I had pomegranate mojito drink. I really liked the drink and haven’t had the same mojito in my life. For appetizer, I had Parmigiana di Melanzane (Eggplant Parmigiana with orange infuse tomato) and Tagliolini Verdi Gratinati (Homemade tagliolini with beef bacon, asparagus and parmesan cheese). I haven’t tried the Parmigiana di Melanzane as I’m allergic eggplants. As for Tagliolini Verdi Gratinati is wonderful and also I ate two dishes and can stop of having  more. What I liked with the Tagliolini is the cheese sauce and way it’s cooked. This would be my favorite dish.

CucinaPizzaMoving to the main course. I chose to try Margherita Pizza (Tomato sauce, Mozzarella and Fresh Basil) and Ortolana Pizza (Tomato sauce, Mozzarella and Grilled Vegetables). The pizza made with fresh ingredients came specially from Italy, made specially with thin dough, natural, healthy and tasty.

Ending with the desserts, I had Pizza Dolce (Pizza topped with Cucina special chocolate sauce, crushed hazelnuts and icing sugar). The dessert is also fabulous with great pizza dough, tasty chocolate sauce and well presented. The chocolate sauce taste similar to Nutella, but made specially by Cucina Restaurant.

Overall, I enjoyed the Hotel Missoni atmosphere and had a great time to review one of the best Italian restaurants in Kuwait. I highly recommend you to try their pizza, appetizers and beverages.

I rate Cucina Restaurant Pizza (10/10), Dessert (09/10), Appetizers (08/10), Beverages (10/10) and Restaurant Atmosphere (10/10).

Location: Salmiya, Gulf Rd, Hotel Missoni [map]

Phone: 2577 0000

ToreroRestaurantInvitationWe received a wonderful invitation from Torero Spanish Restaurant & Churreria to attend the grand opening of Arabella branch. The invitation is designed as passport and boarding pass, as it looks so creative and unique to me.

ToreroKuwaitHowever, on Wednesday night I arrived around 7.30pm to attend the grand opening. The opening started with a speech, then wonderful Spanish flamenco music and finally a draw to win a flight ticket to Europe.

ToreroFoodDuring the event, we were served some Torero appetizers, main dishes and desserts. I chose to have mushroom soup, goat cheese salad and Paella De Pollo. I don’t have any comments of the food taste. But I dislike the dishes presentation, which need to be more attractive and presented to the customers. I rate Torero Spanish Restaurant & Churreria 06/10.

MarunouchiKuwaitMarunouchi is a subsidiary under Grupo Gastro, begin an agent for a couple of very reputable Japanese food suppliers from Japan, Cosmo Japan and Azuma Holding. Grupo Gastro is solely offering you from Japan The Japanese Wagyu, Japanese Blue fin tuna and more high-end japanese foods.

Last night I attend the grand-opening of Marunouchi restaurant. The grand opening started with a classical music, then some cold fresh drinks and short brief about the restaurant. During the night, we were given some Sushi, Salads and Japanese Fried Chicken. I don’t have any comments about their food, but I really prefer if this restaurant could be in much better area and different location. The seating floor plan is not comfortable to dine-in and I prefer to have my lunch/dinner in a flexible area.

Location: Sharq, Mayaza Tower 3

VidaHotelDubaiIn my recent visit to Dubai last week. I stayed in Vida Hotels and Resorts - Downtown Dubai. It was my first time to stay in Vida Hotels and Dubai Downtown. I arrived at 10am in the morning. I checked-in and sat two hours waiting for my room to be free and cleaned. Actually, the hotel is nearby Dubai Mall, Burj Khalifa and Dubai Boulevard Village.

VidaHotelRoomsAround 12pm, I got my room ready. The room is so fabulous, clean and luxury. I book for a king standard room, which is good for one or two guests. I disliked the setup of an open plan bathroom, with a separate shower and toilet.

VidaDowntownDubaiThis part of the hotel was the most place attracted me. In the ground floor, there is an open swimming pool and hotel restaurant and cafe.

VidaHotelFoodIn the early morning, I had my breakfast in 3-1 Vida Hotel Restaurant. All types of foods are available in the breakfast buffet. I liked the breakfast buffet setup, design and atmosphere.

The hotel designed for intuitive style, convenience, comfort and sensory stimulation. Finally, I enjoyed my one night stay in Vida Hotels and Resorts – Downtown Dubai. I recommend families or businessmen to choose Vida hotel as for the best comfortable place to stay in. I rate Vida hotel 09/10.

NoonysbakeryI received box of chocolates from Noony’s Bakery last week. I tasted some of their chocolates and it is delicious. They offer different flavors such as chocolate with cake, chocolate with fruits and others. Find them on Instagram @noonysbakery.

BocciniKuwaitWe were invited for a dinner review and grand opening of Boccini Italian Pizzeria Restaurant. Boccini restaurant is an Italian cuisine marked under luxury and modern style.

BocciniPastaI received a set menu and chose to order Boccini Nachos, Gamberi Croccanti, Funghi e Pepperoni Pizza and Foresta Nera Pizza Dessert. I really loved the food taste of Boccini Nachos and Gamberi Croccanti. I ordered 3 more of Gamberi Croccanti as I never tasted same shrimps in my life. Their pizza and pasta were also delicious and I don’t have any comments to say.

But I disliked their desserts. They are don’t that tasty and well cooked. I recommend to fix the desserts by using other ingredients without pizza dough. I rate Boccini Italian Pizzeria food (09/10), location (06/10) and atmosphere (08/10).

Location: Mahboula – Levels Complex [map]


Review: Oliversan Food

March 20th, 2014 | Posted by Khalil in Others | Restaurant/Food | Reviews - (0 Comments)

OliversanFoodDays back, I received different collection of Oliversan food delivered to us. We did reviewed Oliversan Restaurant last year. This time I got Mongolian Beef Tenderloinm, Shrimp with Rice, Cashew with Chicken and Black Tiger Shrimp On Wheat Toast for dinner. I ate some of Oliversan dishes before and they are deliciously made. Overall, the food tastes great. Oliversan offers home or work delivery through Talabat or call +965-2290 1051.

Review: Zeebrgr Food

March 16th, 2014 | Posted by Khalil in Kuwait Life | Restaurant/Food | Reviews - (0 Comments)

ZeebrgrKuwaitDays back, I had Zeebrgr latest burgers and food delivered to us. For dinner I had Zee Salad, Buffalo Chicken Wings, Issa Brgr, Zeebrgr Bites (mini burgers) and French Fries. The Zee Salad is a mixture of fresh herbs & vegetables. Issa Brgr is house-made juicy beef petty with special garlic may sauce, cheese, onion and mushroom sauce. Zee Brgr is my favorite mini burgers I ate in Kuwait. It is made of house beef patty with special sauce, topped with tempura onion rings, tomato and cheese.

Q8Path First Visit To ZeeBrgr restaurant was last year. I mark Zeebrgr as one of the luxury burger restaurants in Kuwait. Find @zeebrgr on Instagram.

CocoWaterCoconut Water is the ultimate thirst quencher and offers a testy alternative to water. This COCO Water is made of 100% nature coconut water and well packed with nutrients. Health benefits of COCO Water are aids in weight-loss, reduces blood pressure, boosts hydrations, rich with nutrients and facilitates digestions.

I got pack of COCO Water from Re-Kuwait. It actually tastes similar to natural pure coconut water without any sugar added. They are available for delivery by Re-Kuwait for 9KD per dozen. To order some call 99115662.