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KuwaitOldHow beautiful can simplicity be in our grandparents life. Lots of things changed in this generation. Humans and technology changed our behaviour, I believe to the worse in my community. People started to dislike each other and even don’t care of what can be the result of the case. Our grandparents, told us lots of stories in the old days. They lived in one home and everyone supported each others. In this generation, people forgotten our traditions and culture, I need to live my life happily as what my grandparents lived before. Whatever was the external or internal effect in the country, traditions should never ever change.

Any Plan For This Summer?

June 22nd, 2014 | Posted by Khalil in Others | Personal | Travel - (0 Comments)

PalmSummerMost of us are missed up this summer. Ramadan will start by end of this month June 2014. I’m still looking to escape from Kuwait and enjoy my summer holiday anywhere else. If anyone got any suggestions what to do this summer or where I can have my holiday? Just share it with me.

Kuwaiti Habits Still Exist

June 8th, 2014 | Posted by Khalil in Kuwait Life | Misc. | Others | Personal - (0 Comments)

KuwaitKidsHabitsOne of my childhood habits still exist till this moment. I member back when my mam gives me half KD every Friday during our weekly visit to my grandmother gathering. Me and my cousins wait for the ice-cream man, to pick up our favourite ice-cream. This habit is still exist till this moment. When I saw my family kids wait for the ice-cream and everyone need to go the first.

PickYoKuwaitSummer is back again. Pick Yo frozen yogurt is my best summer healthy snack  and addiction. I’m one of Pick Yo pistachio sauce lovers. I love to make my custom frozen yogurt of plain yogurt, pistachio sauce and raspberry. It is different for me to pick up my daily snack and I hope if Pick Yo start to expand more around Kuwait.

DubaiBoulevardI spent the last 48 hrs in Dubai. I had a quick trip to Dubai and Abu Dhabi for a short mission. I went for dinner to Dubai Boulevard area in Dubai Downtown. I liked the new changes with the lightings and new cafes. As well, there were bikes and scooters available for rent. I think in the next few years, Dubai Boulevard will be the second city of Las Vegas. Good Job Dubai!.

UpperCrustPizzaCompetitionI received an email from Upper Crust inviting us for best pizza competition. Last Saturday, I went to Upper Crust – AlBida’a branch to participate. The judges Basma Sultan, Ansam518, Lana AlResheed and Chef Hanouf have to review and rate each pizza to announce the top 3 winners.

Before cooking the pizza, the restaurant chef gave a short cooking tutorial. Q8Path went the first. I got the pizza dough ready, added some red sauce, grilled chicken, mushroom, vegetables and cheese. The chef took the pizza to the oven. After 7 minutes, I handed the pizza for review by the judges. I called my pizza “Chicken Veg. Margarita Pizza”. 

Well, what a shame I haven’t won the competition. But it was a great challenge and fun activity to cook up my mind pizza.

MacBookProI received my second order from Apple Store last Thursday. I bought two brand new MacBook Pro Retina Screen laptop. I used Aramex Shop & Ship services, which took eight days to reach home. I bought my first MacBook laptop from Digital in 2009. Till now I’m installing and downloading new apps to my new laptops and getting ready to use them.

AramexKuwaitTwo weeks before I bought two new Mac Pro’s and some accessories from Apple Online Store. Today, I received SMS from Aramex to deliver the items to my home address. I received half of the items and waiting for the rest.

ShopandShipI usually prefer to use Aramex Shop & Ship services. I discovered today that Shop & Ship website is redesigned with new additional services. I can track my order, pay the shipment fees, check the delivery summary and claim for any questions to Aramex customer service. Additionally, I installed their application from the appstore to track out my orders. I congratulate Aramex Shop & Ship of extending their technology services.

GiftsWe get different gifts in our life. Some people cares of the gift value, but it should be the other way round. A gift is a thing given willingly to someone of their appreciation, respect or love. Personally, I don’t care what is the gift, but I care of the person who respected me. 

DubaiPalmJumeriahI was in Dubai last two days for some personal work. This time I stayed in Fairmont Palm Jumeirah Hotel located on the world’s largest man-made island shaped in the form of a palm tree. I arrived on Monday noon and went directly to complete my work. Around 4pm I arrived to Fairmont Hotel, stayed all night and Tuesday in the hotel. I enjoyed the beach, swimming pool, spa and other facilities. Fairmont Hotel got luxury rooms. I booked my room with the beach and garden view. I don’t have any comments regarding the hotel hospitality, as all their services and facilities are managed professionally. 

Red5Q4Through my last trip to London. I visited London Selfridges store, I had a look almost to every department. So I walked in the technology and gadgets department located in the basement level. I saw this amazing gadget “Q4 Nano Quadcopter” manufactered by Red 5 Company.  The lightweight Quadcopter is so adorably tiny, its weighs a mere 11.5grams and only just measures 5cm x 5cm. Under the protective one piece PCB frame is the power house of this mean machine. With four channel, six axis flight and a built in gyro, the Q4 Quadcopter provides a stable flight, and is an ideal Quadcopter for people who want to move on to flying more challenging four channel copters.

Actually, it looks like the DJI Phantom but in a mini size. I got inspired and purchased one for £40. I haven’t got any issues with the Q4 Nano Quadcopter. 

Included in the box with the mini Q4 Quadcopter are four spare rotor blades, preparing you for any small accidents, a USB charging cable and of course, an equally small remote.

HomeSlicePizzaThis suburb I entered by mistake during my walk in London – Soho. However, at that time it was rainy and windy. So I passed through a small pizza restaurant called Home Slice Pizza to have some lunch.

HSPizzaLondonThey only serve Pizza. I chose to have a slice of margarita and veg pizza. The pizza taste’s so delicious, juicy and I loved the pizza sauce. If are in London on day, please visit HS Pizza and give me your feedback.[Map]