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Part 1: Ramadan TVC 2015

June 25th, 2015 | Posted by Khalil in Media & Ads. | Ramadan - (0 Comments)
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As usual, every Ramadan we can find Ramadan TVCommercials shown in every channel. Companies usually invest more to create creative advertisements between Ramadan shows/programs. These are Part 1 of Ramadan TVC 2015. I’m still looking more into these advertisements and will choose my favourite.

KuwaitAirwaysAdEveryday I pass through Fifth Ring Road towards Kuwait City. I saw the new summer campaign billboards of Kuwait Airways.

I asked myself couple of questions as a viewer such as:

  1. Is the advertisement clear?
  2. Is it interesting, attractive and creative?
  3. Is it more attractive compared to Kuwait Airways competitors?

What I actually analysis Kuwait Airways Billboards advertisement:

  1. The advertisement image of Munich is taken ready from Google. Check this [Link]
  2. The Logo is not clear, not place probably and it should be placed either in the left or the right.
  3. The font size and text are not adjusted.
  4. The phone number and website should be placed clearly.

At the end, I can say this is the worst airlines advertisement I saw in my life.

Movie: Fast & Furious 7

April 8th, 2015 | Posted by Khalil in Media & Ads. | Movies | Others | World Life - (0 Comments)

Fast&Furious 7Fast & Furious 7 is now showing at all screens in Kuwait. Last week, I planned to watch the full movie at Grand Cinemas, however most of the screens are totally full. Through exploring online the next few days, I lastly booked my seats for last Sunday night.

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I watched every single series of Fast & Furious. Two years ago, I reviewed about my thought of Movie: Fast & Furious 6. From my point of view of  Fast & Furious 7, their is no such as a story. Most of the scenes are fake and animated. What I liked is were they joined the Middle East by showing the culture of Abu Dhabi. Fast & Furious 4-6 are my most favourite series.

If you watched it, share me with your feedback.

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Tania Play

February 28th, 2015 | Posted by Khalil in Entertainment | Event | Kuwait Life | Media & Ads. | Reviews - (0 Comments)

TaniaPlayTania Play is a new entertainment play organized by Senyar Marketing & Branding Co. Week ago, I got an invitation to attend the Tania Play. In few words, Tania Play revolves about the Chinese emperor’s daughter stand in the greedy and hate to defend their homeland. The play was good but more useful for kids. Everything well organized and directed. I liked the theme, decorations and way of managing the stage.

Actors: Haya AbdulSalam, Fouad Ali, Bader AlShabi and Farah AlSarraf

Director: Yousef AlHashash

Phone: 9905 4729

Location: AlArabi Stadium

Instagram @tania.kw

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Mohammad AlRefaei is a Kuwaiti professional Skydiver and Base Jumper. Every year he creates a video celebrating Kuwait National Day.

This year he created something new and invested a lot of effort and lot of training to reach this kind of project. Therefore, he would like to share this video by celebrating Kuwait National Day. Good work Mohammed!. Find more about his pervious videos at his [YouTube] channel.