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Are you an entrepreneur in technology field?. KIPCO Tmkeen Award For Young Entrepreneurs is a strategic partnership between Kuwait Projects Company Holding (KIPCO) and the Youth Empowerment Organization to support Entrepreneurs in Kuwait. The award takes place each year on the National Entrepreneurship Day.

Terms To Apply
1. An existing business following the rules and regulation of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry in Kuwait.
2. Applicants must be between ages of 18 to 33 (All Business owners or partners)
3. The existing business or organization must not exceed 5 years.
4. All papers, application, attachments, and final presentation must be presented in English..
Application Process
1. Applicants must complete a registration form which can be found in this website.
2. Applicants will then receive an email to complete the application process.
3. Applicants will complete the registration process and attach all required documents.
4. Applicants with the proper required documents will be contacted by phone and informed about their appointment in the first round of judging.
5. Applicant will attend a judging process. Only 10 applicants will be chosen.
6. The 10 finalists will then present there final presentation to selected judges in the final round.
7. The winner of the award will be announced and awarded during the opening ceremonies at the Youth Empowerment Symposium (Tmkeen).

If the terms apply to your business. All you need to do is to visit Tmkeen website and apply through KIPCO Tmkeen Award registration form [link]. Registration is available only between the 6th till the 26th of September 2015. The first prize award worth $100,000.

SnapchatGeoFilterWeeks ago, I sat down and wrote down the suburbs/towns required creative Snap Chat filter. I designed fifteen designs which took me two days to designed the filters. Anyway, at that time I submitted my designs online through Snap Chat Geofilters Community website.

Most of the designs were rejected. Suddenly, two days ago SnapChat sent me an email which shows that Daiya Suburb filter is approved and will be activate soon.

DaiyaSnapChatFilterYesterday morning, I passed to Daiya Suburb and took some snaps. I’m so impressed that one of the my designed filters are now activate on Snapchat. The image above shows the snap I took yesterday with the filter designed by Q8Path [me].

KuwaitiBankNotesThis is an announcement for anyone who still use the 5th issue of Kuwaiti Banknotes. You got till 1st of October 2015, to use or exchange the old banknotes. If you still got the old notes, you can visit the Central Bank of Kuwait to exchange them with the new banknotes.

KIPCOTmkeenAwardAre you an entrepreneur in technology field? Join the startup orientation. Book your seat now at [Tmkeen’s website].

JaberStadiumKuwait was due to host the Gulf Cup of Nations 23rd, between 25 December 2015 and 7 January 2016 in Jaber AlAhmad Int. Stadium. Well we are sorry to hear that Kuwait requested to postponed the tournament for one year as it was unable to complete the construction of stadiums in time.

Jaber AlAhmad Int. Stadium project completed in 2009 and till this moment the stadium is not officially opened. Why we are left behind?

Last year Qatar won to be the first Arab nation to host the World Cup in 2022. Kuwait still not even host the Gulf Cup of Nations 23rd.

3DPrintingKuwaitEdges Media added 3D printing services. This service includes 3D object designing and printing object which cost 50 KD only. To know more visit Edges Media website or Instagram account @edgeskw.