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Grendizer Calligraffiti

October 3rd, 2016 | Posted by Khalil in Entertainment | Kuwait Life | Others - (0 Comments)

grendizercalligraffitiOn my way towards Kuwait Downtown, I saw Grendizer Calligraffiti painted in a building wall this morning. However, I saw an Instagram post about the Calligraffiti. Ashekman is an Arabic calligraffiti and street art crew. He came from Beirut to join the urban culture week and share this creative skills to by painting the Grendizer Calligraffiti in one of the building in Kuwait City [Location].

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Are you an entrepreneur in service or retail indsutry?. KIPCO Tmkeen Award For Young Entrepreneurs is a strategic partnership between Kuwait Projects Company Holding (KIPCO) and the Youth Empowerment Organization to support Entrepreneurs in Kuwait.

Terms To Apply
1. An existing business following the rules and regulation of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry in Kuwait.
2. Applicants must be between ages of 18 to 33 (All Business owners or partners)
3. The existing business or organization must not exceed 5 years.
4. All papers, application, attachments, and final presentation must be presented in English..
Application Process
1. Applicants must complete a registration form which can be found in this website.
2. Applicants will then receive an email to complete the application process.
3. Applicants will complete the registration process and attach all required documents.
4. Applicants with the proper required documents will be contacted by phone and informed about their appointment in the first round of judging.
5. Applicant will attend a judging process. Only 10 applicants will be chosen.
6. The 10 finalists will then present there final presentation to selected judges in the final round.
7. The winner of the award will be announced and awarded during the opening ceremonies at the Youth Empowerment Symposium (Tmkeen).

If the terms apply to your business. All you need to do is to visit Tmkeen website and apply through KIPCO Tmkeen Award registration form [link]. Registration is available only between the 5th September till the 5th of October 2016. The first prize award worth $100,000.

Bateel KuwaitWe’ve received an email from Café Bateel to review the sessional summer menu. Last May, I posted about First Branch of Bateel Cafe In Kuwait at The Avenues – Grand Avenue.

I was served with a starter of different kinds Bateel’s breads and sparkling dates juice which I really liked. I chose to taste the new summer artichoke soup and Chicken caesar salad. For the main course I picked the special chicken meal and steak. Both of the starter and main course was perfect.

Bateel AvenuesCafé Bateel are known of the best cafes in the region to have your Arabic coffee and dates. I picked the Arabic Coffee Dallah and for dessert date pudding.  Overall, I enjoyed Café Bateel new summer menu, of course the food and hospitality. I rate Café Bateel food and hospitality 9/10.

New Taxi & Bus Rates

August 31st, 2016 | Posted by Khalil in Economy | Kuwait Life - (0 Comments)

TaxiKuwaitPricesThe Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Commerce released today, the new rates for Kuwait Taxis, Buses and Airport Limousine / Taxis as following:


Initial service fee: 0.600 fils

Per Kilometer: 0.200 fils

Per minute of waiting: 0.070 fils

Private Taxi

Initial service fee: 0.500 fils

Per Kilometer: 0.150 fils

Per minute of waiting: 0.050 fils

Public Transportation Bus

Kuwait City: 0.150 fils

Kuwait To Jahra, Fahaheel or AlAhmadi: 0.600 fils

Airport Limousine / Taxi

Airport to Subhan, Al-Meqwa’a, Farwaniya, Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh, Rehab, Ishbiliya, Ardhiya, Rabiya, Rai, Omariya, Kheitan, Sadeq, Salam, Haten, Shuhada, Zahra, Dhahiya Mubarak Al-Abdullah, Surra, Qortuba and Yarmouk.

4-passenger salon car: 5 KD

5-passenger car: 7 KD

7-passenger: 8 KD

Long Limousine: 13 KD


Airport to Rumaithiya, Salwa, Messila, Bayan, Mishref, and Dhahiya Mubarak Al- Abdullah, Hawalli, Nugra, Meidan Hawalli, Sha’ab, Salmiya, Da’iya, Rawdha, Qadsiya, Nuzha, Dasma, Bneid Al-Gar, Mansouriya and Jabriya

4-passenger salon car: 6 KD

5-passenger car: 8 KD

7-passenger: 13 KD

Long Limousine: 18 KD


Airport to Rumaithiya, Salwa, Messila, Bayan, Mishref, and Dhahiya Mubarak Al- Abdullah, Hawalli, Nugra, Meidan Hawalli, Sha’ab, Salmiya, Da’iya, Rawdha, Qadsiya, Nuzha, Dasma, Bneid Al-Gar, Mansouriya and Jabriya

4-passenger salon car: 6 KD

5-passenger car: 8 KD

7-passenger: 13 KD

Long Limousine: 18 KD


Airport to Firdous, Sulaibiya, Dhahiya Sabah Al-Nasser, West Abdullah Mubarak, and Abdullah Mubarak

4-passenger salon car: 7 KD

5-passenger car: 10 KD

7-passenger: 13 KD

Long Limousine: 18 KD


Airport to Dhaher, Qurain, Adan, Qasour, Dhahiya Jaber Al-Ali, Funaites, Fintas, Hadiyyah, Riqqa and Fahad Al-Ahmad

4-passenger salon car: 7 KD

5-passenger car: 10 KD

7-passenger: 13 KD

Long Limousine: 22 KD


Aiport to Mangaf, Sabahiya, Fahahel, Ahmadi, Shuaiba Industrial Area, Sabah Al-Ahmad and Ali Sabah Al-Salem

4-passenger salon car: 7 KD

5-passenger car: 13 KD

7-passenger: 18 KD

Long Limousine: 22 KD


Airport Jahra, Mitla’a, Doha Port, Entertainment City, Jaber Al- Ahmad, Saad Al-Abdullah, Qairawan, Nahda, Mubarak Al-Kabeer Port and West Suleibikhat

4-passenger salon car: 12 KD

5-passenger car: 18 KD

7-passenger: 22 KD

Long Limousine: 27 KD


Airport to Zour Port, Kheiran, Sabah Al-Ahmad Coastal City

4-passenger salon car: 17 KD

5-passenger car: 22 KD

7-passenger: 27 KD

Long Limousine: 32 KD


Airport to Abdali, Al-Salmi, Al-Nuweiseeb, Al-Wafra and Al- Sabiyah

4-passenger salon car: 21 KD

5-passenger car: 27 KD

7-passenger: 32 KD

Long Limousine: 35 KD

New Fuel Prices

August 29th, 2016 | Posted by Khalil in Economy | Kuwait Life | News - (0 Comments)

PetrolKuwaitStarting from the 1st of September 2016, the prices of the fuels will increase in all the petrol stations in Kuwait. The new prices are:

  • Premium 91 Octane = 0.081 fils / per liter
  • Super 95 Octane = 0.105 fils / per liter
  • Ultra 98 Octane = 0.165 fils / per liter

To compare your car old to new fuel price. Visit KuwaitFuel website. Just two days to go. I usually fill the car tank 4.000 KD, with the new price it will be between 7.000KD.

First Olympics Gold Medal

August 13th, 2016 | Posted by Khalil in Kuwait Life | Sport | World Life - (0 Comments)

FehaidAlDeehaniLast Wednesday, the Kuwaiti athlete Fehaid AlDeehani won the first gold medal at the Olympics. He came the first in the men’s double trap shooting event. Since Kuwait is officially banned from the Olympics, as well the Kuwait flag was not raised during the ceremony. Fehaid AlDeehani  tried his best to won the medal independently. We wish you all the best Fehaid AlDeehani.