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VillaUNO2014Villa UNO Expo the most popular fashion expo in Kuwait available now from 1st till 3rd of April 2014 at Mall 360. Briefly the expo related to women, fashion, kids and accessories.

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Chanel innovated in Paris Fashion Week Show by transforming the runway into supermarket. Chanel Shopping Center provided the backdrop for Chanel’s 2014/15 Fall-Winter Ready-To-Wear collection. The sprawling supermarket, constructed for the occasion beneath the glass roof of the Grand Palais, made for a tongue-in-cheek setting that evoked the consumerist culture imagery of Pop Art as well as the concept of easy everyday luxury. More than 3,400 guests browsed shelves stocked with goods renamed and packaged especially for the show Chanel-branded beverages, groceries, fresh produce and home improvement supplies – before taking their seats as the 79 models began their sweep through the aisles. As well, all the food and products are  donated to charities.

Karl Lagerfeld’s collection resonates with his resolutely modern take on the Chanel vocabulary, electrified by a distinctly urban vibe. Sneakers are the footwear of choice, paired with blazers, dresses and coats, and in knee-high lace-up boot hybrids; the models, freed from heels, had a definite spring in their step.

I really find it interesting to use Supermarket theme to promote their products at Paris Fashion Week Show.


24FragranceI’m so proud to see unique small businesses locally with high standard outcome. Through my last visit to Hala Ramadan 2013 Expo, 24Fragrance was participated as one of the small businesses. So I bought Oud Flower fragrance. I tried to search about their items on Instagram but I haven’t founded their account. However, this year I saw them back again in AlMubarikya Expo. They got only 24 items and time to time these items are under improvement. Their prices are not that expensive, but I liked the their quality is perfectly great. Find them on Instagram now @24fragrance.

Mark&SpencerKuwaitSpotted today morning, group of workers placing Marks & Spencer logo on a brand new tower in Salmiya. It looks like the whole mall tower will be owned by Marks & Spencer. Currently, Marks & Spencer owns two branches one located downwards in Salmiya and the other one in Mall360. This branch is located in Salmiya next to Missoni Hotel.

EvianElieSaabElie Saab designed Evian 2014 bottles. The bottle is decorated with a signature Elie Saab lace pattern, that presents elegant designs featured so prominently in the brand’s collections.  The delicate white lace applied with clean lines of the bottle’s silhouette. However, one of my closest friends, bought me two limited edition 750ml Evian bottles 2014 designed by Elie Saab. I liked the bottle silhouette and the design.

AmouageKuwaitAmouage has opened its first standalone shop in The Avenues in Kuwait. The niche luxury house’s 15th international mono-brand shop expresses the brand’s DNA in its purest form and its unrelenting standards of quality. Amouage is a brand that appeals to sophisticated, confident and internationally aware consumers who are not afraid to stand out from the crowd by wearing something unusual and different, and who appreciate true mastery in perfume creation.

PrestigeMuseumThe Avenues Mall created luxury brands museum from all around the world. Prestige Museum presents couple of luxury brands products such as Lanvin, Versace, Dior and more.

Location: Prestige – Grand Avenues

Dates: 20-24 November 2013

SocialMediaCushionsI’m changing my work office to a classic interior design. I thought to make the office more creative, I added some social media cushions. The cushions I ordered them from one of the stores online. They look creative and eye catchy.

WomenbagsI know this could be a strange subject. But one day, I sat at one of the cafes in Salhiya. I saw a women carrying Louis Vuitton bag with her. She sat the table next to me. Ethically, at least you should order anything from the cafe because you are using their table. However, she sat and pulled out her sandwich, juice, water, potato chips and she added eating KitKat. So at that time I laughed because in reality, women carries their bags filled with unnecessary items.

KULCHERD DESIGNSKulcherd Design is a group of young, ambitious Kuwaiti t-shirt designers who want to bring Kuwait’s unique local flavor and cultural identity into a larger, more global stage. The intention is to blend everything that is beautiful and interesting about region and culture with everything that is exciting and iconic in the world.

 T-shirts are all original American Apparel with an abundance of sizes. Made sure to find the best, most durable printing resources over several months. Quality is of the highest possible importance as believe it is the only way to gain the trust and loyalty to customers.
More information, find Kulcherd Design on Instagram @kulcherd.

DKNYKuwaitDKNY reopened their branch at The Avenues Phase II last week. Q8Path attended the grand opening of DKNY branch. Different activities happened, the main activity is the fashion show. Additionally, new collections brought to DKNY store.

SheikhMajedAlSabahThe Fragrance Kitchen (TFK) opened their doors to launch the new fragrance called “La Clarinette”. Sheikh Majed AlSabah the founder of TFK welcomed all the guests by introducing the new fragrance and the secret of producing it.

TFKHowever, La Clarinette is made of Oud and other ingredients. Well, I suggest to go to tfk store and suggest your feedback. Myself I liked it, specially the OUD made in is not that strong.

Location: AlHamra Tower – First Floor