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Q8PathInstagramCompetitionQ8Path decided to create the first social activity through Instagram “Share Your Photo How To Read Q8Path Blog”. To join the competition, all what you have to do are:

  1. Share the photo on Instagram how to you read q8path.com blog.
  2. Mention @q8path
  3. Hashtag #q8path2013 & #q8path
  4. Winner: Best Creative Photo chosen by Q8path

Q8PathInst2013The last day of the competition is on 07th of May 2013. The prize will be 50KD for the best photo that inspires Q8Path. Inspire us and be the winner.


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AlNowairBite2SmileBite2Smile is campaign created by AlNowair, through which we are encouraging to take a picture of themselves or someone else, biting into a pencil and post it on their Instagram accounts.

The campaign

The campaign will last till the 20th of May.

The contest

To make things interesting we have turned this activity into a contest, where people can post pictures and hashtag them at #bkeifibite2smile and the picture with the highest number of likes at the end of the month will win an amazing goodie bag.

The science

The Bite2Smile campaign is based on the “As if Theory” by Psychologist James Laird. The theory states that when you ‘do’ something, then you experience the feelings that are normally associated with‘doing’ that something. Like smiling can make you feel happy and frowning can make you feel sad. Hence, by acting as if you are happy or a certain type of person you become happy or that certain type of person – and that is what we call the “As If” principle.

The mission

We know that emotions cause us to behave in certain ways. Feeling happy makes you smile, and feeling sad makes you frown. However, this commonsense view is incomplete and we want to educate people about it. Expressions (smile/frown) don’t need to be the result of our emotions (happy/sad), even a fake smile has the power to make you  happy and we want people to know this and practice it.


Bright up Kuwait is a campaign organized by Bloggers Gathering to celebrate with the community February 2013 as a national month in Kuwait. The campaign specifically focus at Instagram users by sharing one photo only from every citizen and expatiates in Kuwait. Their main goal is to reach 1 Million photo which will be combined into one large photo.

To join the campaign just share any photo related to Kuwait such as Kuwait Towers, Kuwait City and etc. as it’s included above. The way to share it is just snap shot the photo, hash-tag #brightupkuwait / mention @bloggersgather and share it to your followers.

1 to 28 February 2013 is the campaign period and the in the first week of March 2013 the photos will be participated at P2BK 2013 Village.

Finally, the media partner of Bright up Kuwait is P2BK and Edges Media. Also Supported by National Youth Project and Think Cafe, for more information visit Bloggers Gathering website or Bloggers Gathering Instagram .


McDonald’s Kuwait announced a fun photography contest called “My McDonald’s” starting on Jan. 10. 2013 till Jan. 26. 2013.

The competition, that is open to all individuals in the State of Kuwait, and will be a platform to showcase their creativity and talent by using either their smartphones or digital cameras.  Participants will be asked to capture their best McDonald’s experience (a family picture at a restaurant, a sunset behind a store, their favorite meal etc.)


In order to be eligible for the smartphone contests users can:

  • Submit up to 2 photos taken with their smartphone per week
  • Submissions must take place on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday to: mymcdonalds@mcdonalds-kuwait.com.
  • They must submit the photo with their name, contact number, and type of camera they used in order to be eligible.

Once they have been submitted, all photos for that week will be posted on the McDonald’s Arabia Instagram page under the hashtag #mymcdonaldskw and in the album titled “My McDonald’s Kuwait” on the McDonald’s Arabia Facebook page.


Voting will take place from Sunday to Tuesday of every week on McDonald’s Arabia Facebook page and Instagram


3 weekly winners with the most “Likes” (between both Facebook and Instagram) will be announced every Wednesday

A Nikon D5200 DSLR cameras will be awarded to each weekly winner


  • For digital camera users, each participant will have between Jan. 10 to Jan. 26 to submit their best 2 photos tomymcdonalds@mcdonalds-kuwait.com
  • At the end of the month a grand prize will be awarded to the top 3 photos.
  • Judging panel will consist of prominent Kuwaiti photographers: Abdul Aziz Al Asousi, Majed Al Zaabi and Faisal Al Bisher.


Three photos will be chosen for a grand prize.

1st Place:            2000 KWD

2nd Place:           1000 KWD

3rd Place:            500 KWD

The winners of these prizes will be announced at an awards ceremony on February 2nd 2013.

For any additional information and rules about the contest please visit McDonalds Arabia Website.

Recently Bloggers were invited for Mada Online Gaming Contest. The contest covered two PS3 Games [Call of Duty and Need For Speed]. Each blogger suppose to choose his/her game with only three rounds in each return. The winner counts as the highest record of time and number of death.

Unfortunately, I haven’t won the contest and the winner of Call of Duty Game were FriedJunk and Need For Speed Q8Per.

Mada Communications recently partnered with telecommunication giant, TeliaSonera to better enhance the online gaming experience for online gamers in Kuwait by using Mada’s Wireless Internet Service. This service insure unlimited uninterrupted services using online gaming, unnoticed gaming delays and quick online service.

For more information, visit Mada’s Communication Website.

Sadeem United Holding Group is one of the market leaders in the areas of construction as well as design and interior work. They also have a special interest in creativity, beauty and innovation in all areas.

Ms. Shaima AlMulla the CEO of the group launched today Sadeem United Photography competition for the public and bloggers. Sadeem organized recently their competition with different opportunities from the public and expert photographers.

From 16/10 – 18/10 there is a gallery at 360Mall for the best photos took from the competition. Well now its time to moderate these photos by voting/like the best photo which you think can be the winner.

The winner prize will be 100KD for the best liked photo and 100KD for one the particupators in the voting.

To vote just visit the voting website and share your opinion. Below are some of the photos from the gallery.

Buffalo’s Cafe created the first contest in Kuwait “Wing Eating Contest”. The Wing Eating Contest is a contest of eating the amount provided of buffalo’s front of each candidate.

Well, thanks god that I haven’t joint the contest. But there was six candidates joined to the contest which has 10 minutes to eat 26 hot spicy chicken Buffalo’s.

After 10 minutes the winner as candidate no.1 which ate 24 buffalo’s in 10 minutes. Well the good news is he got one month supply of eating Buffalo’s at Buffalo’s Cafe. It was really a wonderful night spending it with cheering for to win the contest.

Service Hero 2012

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Service Hero is an annual project that gets the customers/clients/consumers feedback by voting of different sectors/industries in Kuwait. Service Hero began for couple of years and its back again for the year 2012.

Additionally, Service Hero is one of the Arab World’s only 100% consumer-driven customer satisfaction index. Voting platform empowers consumers like you to rate the service quality of places you visit, like your bank, café, mobile operator and car garage. Votes can tell companies their strengths and weaknesses and how they compare with competitors.

This year Service Hero launched a draw by winning 200KD for whom voted. To Vote and share your thoughts, visit their website now Service Hero.

After a large impressions locally and regionally with the best Ramadan 2012 TV Commercials and the large media campaign of QualityNet Ramadan Stars Booth @the_avenues. QualityNet published their competition to all of their customers and public. The competition is to copy their recent Ramadan 2012 TV Commercial [Faker Ana 5oof] at home video recording/production. The competition period from 20 September – 18 October 2012 and the winner prize is 10,000KD.

The competition committee managed by Director/Aziz AlJasmi and Singer/Basher AlShatti. It’s really exciting competition and really worth to get the final prize 10,000KD.

Bloggers Gathering is organizing a Ramadan Contest via Instagram, sponsored by Bayan Dental. Each day their will be a topic photo. The topic liked photo will be the winner for the day. All winners will be announced weekly and get out three top winners. There are also additional gifts electronics and etc.

For more information follow Bloggers Gathering Twitter and Instagram @bloggersgather.

Yesterday night, we were invited by the new Safat Home Branch in Shuwaikh next to Abyat. Safat Home changed completely with new concept of home centre locally. Although, they provide all home equipments and facilities from A-Z. They also got a special zone for home decorations and consultations.

Safat Home created a new Ramadan campaign called [Ramadan Extravaganza]. The campaign includes vouchers for specific amount from your purchases. You just need to scratch the voucher and might be the winner of 1000KD voucher from Safat Home.

We had a lovely night with Safat Home and bloggers, by creating a competition for the bloggers. We were given this paper above, to find the same item on their showroom and snap-shoot it with hashtag it by #safathome on instagram. The first one finds the item and upload it on instagram will be the winner of this item.

The first winner were PinkGirlQ8, and the second one crazyyetwise and the third one Q8Path [Me]. Q8Path won a photo panel, by the end I gave it as a gift to LujainTalks.

It was really a nice small competition gathering, which I experienced the second time through blogging.

More information about Safat Home Ramadan Extravaganza – Follow at Twitter and Instagram @safat_home.

It was really an enjoyable day at BEST AlYousifi branch at AlRai. BEST AlYousifi organized a special day for bloggers to have a chef contest by using their products. BEST have four different items such as pizza maker machine, griller machine, fruit/vegetable cutter and more.

Every three blogger have to make something such as salad dresser [which I’ve done], juice, pizza and a sandwich. I’ve done a salad dresser and at the end lost the contest which was really the first time for me to stand on the stage and cook.

Anyway, in the mid of the event, their were a quick game to find a hidden gift inside one of the refrigerators in the store. One of the blogger 7abitian found the gift and won it.

BEST AlYousifi have unique products for cooking and etc, were it can be used for cooking during upcoming Holy Ramadan.

Check our their website for additional information.