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Blogging Back!

September 16th, 2014 | Posted by Khalil in Announcement | Blogs | Others | Personal - (0 Comments)

loadingDear Readers,

Over the last four weeks, I haven’t posted up that much online. This due to the over load preparation of my upcoming wedding, travel, overload in projects and managing up some tasks. I got exciting posts which I will share up soon from today.

Thank you


Back Blogging!

April 20th, 2014 | Posted by Khalil in Announcement | Blogs | News | Personal | Travel - (0 Comments)

BloggingAfter a long vacation and annual medical check-ups. I arrived back home from London yesterday morning. I enjoyed my trip and will be posting up my great moments.

Thank you – Q8Path

Good Bye To London

April 4th, 2014 | Posted by Khalil in Announcement | Blogs | Personal | Travel - (0 Comments)

BritishAirwaysLondonI will be traveling today to London Heathrow for a long vacation and medical treatment in United Kingdom. Q8Path will stop posting from today till the next three days. You can also follow us on Instagram @q8path to find my latest posts.

Good Bye everyone and see you back soon!

Q8Path -Khalil

BlogsKuwaitCompanies and agencies need to understand the term blogs/bloggers. In the current situation, we receive number of invitations during the month. Most of the events are named “Bloggers event / gathering / night”. However, when you attend the event, most of the guests are fashion stars, press, newspapers, magazines, media, social media stars and PR. Bloggers event means an event for bloggers only. I hope my message is clear.

We Are Back!

September 9th, 2013 | Posted by Khalil in Announcement | Blogs | News | Others | Q8Path Info - (0 Comments)

Q8PathonlineOfficially Q8Path blog is back. We stopped the blog for 11 days to transfer the domain and website from hosting to cloud server. As we faced many issues with the hosting plan and the bandwidth capacity. Therefore, to insure the blog works probably in future we stayed fixing the issues  all over the period.

We will be posting up soon with pervious reviews and coverages.

Thank you

YouTube Preview Image

I saw this episode of BuQutada & BuNabil before three days ago, and founded it posted on YouTube. The episode topic were about the social media, bloggers and tweeters work.

JacquiRamadanTable2013I usually wait every year for Jacqui to release her Ramadan TV Channel List. For this Ramadan, Jacqui released updated list of the what and where to watch your programs and series this year.

Click on the image above to transfer you to Couch Avenue.

YouTube Preview Image

Here is a review of Bugatti Aeroleth, that is placed currently  at Kuwait Historical Vintage & Classic Cars Museum. Q8Lavanda published their review via Youtube, talking about the history and future of Bugatti cars.



Q8Path thought of creating some chocolates to share with our friends, bloggers and readers. Therefore, we searched for a supplier to create us the chocolates.

Our chocolates are filled with two flavors (Nutella and Strawberry Cheesecake). After visiting CookiesBouquet store at Burj Jassim in Kuwait City, we saw different samples created of cookies, chocolates and others. Therefore, we also customized the social media channels to cookies. If you need some Q8Path chocolates and cookies ask us.

Chocolate Bouquet Contacts:

Phone: +965 5599 7654


BloggerEngagementYesterday, I shared this topic and photo on Instagram to get the followers comments. I got an excellent interaction with a smily face comments. I sat for couple of minutes to think about the features were the blogger got during engagement with his/her partner. Kuwaiti Blogger got some special features which (her) future wife could be satisfy and she will enjoy the life with him during blogging. Well, the features are:

  • Going to events
  • Restaurants events and invitations
  • Publicity/Socialize
  • Wondering Around
  • Expert in Photography

The blogger future wife could not able to ask for taking her to restaurants, events, public places or gifts. She will be one of the blogger partner. Therefore, thanks god I’m a blogger and got additional features to add on my list when I go for engagement.

DrJohnHayesDr John Hayes a professor, teaches online marketing at GUST, as well one of our blog friends and reader. Over the weekend I was reading Dr Johan latest article in Kuwait Times about “Bloggers in Kuwait”. The title attracted me as a blogger to reader this article.

Personally, I agree with some points as Dr.John mentioned in his article. Not all bloggers are paid, but yes every blog has his opportunity either to create a blog for commercial or to share his personal experience. There is still a big jump on blogging specially firms thinks bloggers could get more customers in “Bringing People Sitting in a restaurants chairs”.

Continue reading Dr.John’s article here.


Dietcare celebrated with this year differently for Kuwait National Days. Before three days ago, we’ve received a lovely colorful gift bag includes cupcakes, T-shirt, flag, desserts and more.

Would like to thanks Dietcare for the inspired gift.


Additionally, DietCentre sent us lovely desserts decorated with Kuwait Flag. Different Kuwaiti historical books were attached with the desserts.

Would like to thanks DietCentre for the inspired and delicous gift.